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Sunday, August 2, 2020

love shayari photo hd || love shayari image hindi (2020 लव शायरी )

love shayari image hindi Hello, friends the most popular love shayari image hindi site has come back with a special link. On this page I am going to share the desi aunty love shayari photo hd, if you really searching for desi love shayari image hindi join links then you are in the right place just choose which type group you want to join just click that link and join in.

love shayari photo hd

love shayari photo

love shayari image hindi

love shayari photo hd || love shayari image hindi (2020 लव शायरी ) 

love shayari photo hd In a forest there were many animals, in this forest there was also a lion, the lion made a fox his assistant, he used to give some part of his prey to the fox, one day the lion  Encounters the elephant, the elephant has driven the lion in a very bad way, and

love shayari photo hindi thrown it very far, the lion has suffered a lot of injuries that he is unable to hunt, is dying of starvation, the lion along with the lion  She was also hungry, one day the lion told the fox that you are very clever, why don't you bring an animal with you to this place?  After bringing him here, I will kill

New love shayari hindi and our food will be arranged, the fox said, "Well, the fox started looking for a foolish animal in the forest, after going too far he saw a foolish ass grazing, he thought that  She should go to the ass, she went to the donkey and while greedily said what

love shayari you doing here, there is no green grass to graze, how weak you people are, the first time someone said the donkey in such sweet words,  So the donkey replied, the fox sister, what can I tell you now, my boss puts the burden on me more than necessary and does not even feed in full, the fox agreed

shayari image him and said, why don't you go with me to the forest there  So there is a lot of green grass, to which the donkey said there are also many predatory animals in the forest, on hearing this the fox became cautious and said you do not need to be afraid of any wild animal, you know I am here in the forest.  King Lion has sent

 New love shayari image The lion wants that all the persecuted animals of the man be given shelter in the forest, they have also decided to make you a minister, on hearing this the donkey is very happy and walks the forest with the fox,  After being hungry for many days, as soon

as the donkey went in front of the lion, the lion jumped on it, the donkey got scared and ran away from there, the poor lion was hungry again, the fox said to the lion, why did you attack him so soon?  I had to let you come close to me, never mind I bring the

donkey here again, don't you worry, the fox ran after the donkey saying, the lion took a long breath and started thinking why the donkey would come here again, as soon as  The fox came to the donkey and he assured him, "The king of the forest came forward to welcome you and you ran away from

there, tell me that if the king had to kill you, would you have saved your life if the king was the only one  Could have finished with the claws, now you have a chance to become a minister, I will also recommend you, the king will make you a minister, on hearing this, the donkey again finds the

lion  It was ready to know, this time the lion allowed the donkey to come very close, on coming closer, the lion killed a paw and the donkey died, after which the lion told the fox to sit here and take care of it till then I take a shower, take a bath  Will eat it, the fox was very hungry, he silenced the

donkey's mind, and Khagi, after some time the lion came into the bath, he saw that the donkey's mind was missing, he angrily said to the fox, I can't see the brain of this donkey.  Where is it, the fox cleverly said, Raja, if this donkey had brains, would it come to us to die, this donkey had no brains at all?

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