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LETEST और धमाकेदार sexy Aunty Whatsapp Group links list || Aunty Whatsapp Group Links 2020

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Sexy Aunty Whatsapp Group links list 2020

LETEST और धमाकेदार sexy Aunty Whatsapp Group links list || Aunty Whatsapp Group Links 2020 

 * Made Awadhpuri very interesting.  Devanh Suman Brishti Jhari Lai॥
 Rama called Sevakanh  Pratham Sahn Anhwahawu Jai ॥1॥
sexy Aunty Whatsapp Group links listd   The gods put a torrent of rain on the flowers.  Shri Ramchandraji called the servants and said that you people go and bathe my Sakhas first.

sexy Aunty Whatsapp Group links is found.  Sugriwadi Immediately
 Puni Karunanidhi laughs Bharatu.  Ram jata niruare ॥2॥

sexy Aunty Whatsapp Group links words, the servants ran wherever and immediately they gave Sugriwadi a bath.  Then Karunanidhan Shri Ramji called Bharatji and settled his jatas with his own hands ॥2॥

sexy Aunty Whatsapp Group links bachal kripal raghurai
 Bharat Bhagya Prabhu Komaltai.  Sesh koti sat sakhinin sang ॥3॥

sexy Aunty Whatsapp Group links Vatsal Kripalu Lord Shree Raghunathji gave bath to the three brothers.  The fate of Bharatji and the tenderness of God cannot be described even by billions of Sheshji.

sexy Aunty Whatsapp Group links.  Gurus take bath
 Kari Majjan Prabhu Bhushan  Ang lang dekhi sat laje ॥4॥

 Meaning: - Then Shri Ramji opened his jats and took a bath after asking Guruji's permission.  After taking bath, God wore jewelery.  Hundreds of (innumerable) Cupids were ashamed to see His (graceful) organs ॥4॥

 sexy Aunty Whatsapp Group links.
 Dibya Basan Bar Bhushan Ang Ang Sang Bane

 Sense: Here (s), the mothers-in-law immediately bathed Janaki ji with reverence and gave them (divine clothes) and best jewels in their parts.  11 (a)॥

sexy Aunty Whatsapp Group links Gun Khani.
 See, mother, all life is born, life is good ॥11b॥

Aunty Whatsapp Group links , Khan Rama (Shri Jankiji) of form and qualities is admiring.  Seeing them, all the mothers were happy considering their birth (life) successful. (11)

Aunty Whatsapp Group links Siva Muni Brind.
 Chadi Biman came to see all notes Sukhkand

 Aunty Whatsapp Group links O Birds Raj Garudji!  Listen, at that time Brahmaji, Shivji and a group of sages and all the gods came on board the planes to see the deity Anandkand. ॥11 (c)॥

Hot Aunty Whatsapp Group links Quickly Diby Singhasan Maga॥
 Rabi Sama Tej so Baarni did not go.  Sitting Ram Dwijnh Siru Nai ॥1॥

Hot Aunty Whatsapp Group links the mind of Muni Vashistha.  He immediately summoned the divine throne, whose glory was like the sun.  Its beauty cannot be described.  After giving head to the Brahmins, Shri Ramchandraji sat on it.

Hot Aunty Whatsapp Group link Monk Samudai
 The Bed Chant then exalts.  Nabh Sur Muni Jai Jayati Pukare ॥2॥

Hot Aunty Whatsapp Group links along with Shri Janaki ji, the community of sages was very happy.  Then the Brahmins chanted Vedamantras.  Gods and sages in the sky started calling out 'Jai, ho, jai ho'.

Hot Aunty Whatsapp Group links Puni sub bipranh aisu dinha॥
 Sut Bolki Harshi Mahtari.  Repeated Aarti ॥3॥

Hot Aunty Whatsapp Group link  Tilak first.  Then he ordered all Brahmins (to do tilak).  Mothers were delighted to see the son on the throne and he performed aarti again and again ॥3॥

Hot Aunty Whatsapp Group links Zacchak Gross Nonchalant
 Tribhuyan Sai on Singhasan.  Look, Sunranh Dundubhin rang ॥4॥

Hot Aunty Whatsapp Group links donations to Brahmins and made the entire petitioners untouchable (garlanded).  Seeing Lord Ramachandraji of Tribhuvan (of Ayodhya) on the throne (Virajit), the gods played drums ॥4॥

 Hot desi Aunty Whatsapp Group links
 Nachhhin apchara brind parmanand sur muni pavhi
 Bharatadi Anuj Bibhishanangad with Hanumdadi.
 Jewel Chatra Chamar Bejan Dhanu Asicharm Sakti Birjate ते1॥

 Hot desi Aunty Whatsapp Group links playing in the sky.  Gandharva and Kinnar are singing.  Flocks of nymphs are dancing.  The deity and the sage are attaining ecstasy.  Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrughnaji, including Vibhishana, Angad, Hanuman and Sugriva etc. are embellished with chhatra, chawar, fan, bow, sword, shield and power respectively ॥1॥

 Hot desi Aunty Whatsapp Group links Bahi Chhabi Sohai.
 Nav Ambudhar Bar Gat Ambar Peet Sur Man Mohai
 Dressed per mukutangadadi bichitra bhushan ang aanganhi.
 Anbhoj Nayan Bisal Ur Bhuj Blessed Nar Nirkhanti J ॥2॥

Xxx Hot desi Aunty Whatsapp Group links  Shri Sita ji is adorning the image of many Kamadeva in Shri Ramji's body.  Like the newly hydrated clouds, the beautiful black body is captivating the mind of the Pitambara gods.  Bizarre ornaments like crowns, armlets, etc. are adorned in organ.  There are eyes like lotus, wide chest and long arms which see them, they are blessed human beings ॥2॥

Xxx Aunty Whatsapp Group links

 * That Sobha society did not become a pleasure, Khages.
 Barnahin Sarad Sesh Shruti So Ras Jan Mahes ॥12

 Xxx video Aunty Whatsapp Group links that happiness does not get made up by me.  Saraswatiji, Seshaji and Veda constantly describe him, and only Mahadevji knows his juice (Ananda) ॥12 (a)॥

 * Performed different obsoles sur nij nij dham.
 The captive sorrow came when Shri Ram ॥12 B॥

  Xxx video Aunty Whatsapp Group links respective worlds, praising them separately.  Then, taking the form of Bhats, the four Vedas came to where Shri Ramji was. ॥12 (b)॥

 * Lord Sarbagya Keenh highly respected kindness.
 Lacheu na kahoon maram kachhu lage karan gun gaan ॥12 c
 Meaning: - Kripanidhan Sarvajna Prabhu  Xxx video Aunty Whatsapp Group links  him) respected him very much.  Nobody knew the difference.  Vedas began to sing ॥12 (c)॥

 * Jai Sagun Nirgun Roop Roop Anoop Bhup Siromane.
 Daskandhradi Prachand Nisichar Prabal Khal Bhuj Bal Hane
 Avatar male world weightless.
 Jai Pranatpal Dayal Prabhu Sanjukta Sakthi Namamahe ॥1॥

 Bhartharth: - Virtuous and Nirguna form!  Hey Anupam Roop-Lavayukta!  O head of kings!  Hail thee.  You killed Ravana, etc. the fierce, powerful and evil demons with the help of your arms.  You took the human incarnation and destroyed the weight of the world and consumed very harsh sorrows.  Hey kind!  O God who protects the refugee!  Hail thee.  I salute you with strength (Sita ji) ॥1॥

 * Tav bisham maya bus surasur nag male ag jag hare.
 Bhav Panth Bhramat Amit Divas
 Je nath kari karuna biloki tribidhi dukh te nirbehe.
 Bhav sorry sorry pierch hum kahun rachha ram namamhe ॥2॥

 Meaning: O hare!  Due to your subdued Maya being subjugated, the gods, demons, serpents, humans, and beings, all are full of all the karma deeds and virtues (subjugated by them), wandering day and night in the path of eternal bhava (movement).  Hey Nath!  Out of these, whom you have graciously looked at (Kripadrrishti), they (Maya born) have been released from all three kinds of sorrows.  O Ramji, skilled in cutting the labor of birth and death!  Protect us  We greet you ॥2॥

 * J gyan maan bimatta tav bharani bhakti na adri.
 Te Pai Sur rare rare layer we see green
 Let everyone remain like Parihari Das.
 JP Name, Without Labor, Bhav Nath So Samaramhe ॥3॥

 Sense: Those who did not respect your devotion in the pride of false knowledge, especially by drunkenness and defeat the fear of birth (death), O Hari!  We find them falling down from that rank (but) by finding them the title of Dev-Rare (also difficult to the gods, of Brahma etc.), who, leaving all hope and believing in you, are enslaved to you,  They get rid of Bhavsagar without diligence just by chanting your name.  Hey Nath!  This is how we remember you ॥3॥

 * J charan siv aj pujya raj subh parsi munipatini tari.
 Nakh Nirgata Muni Bandita Trilok Pavani Surasari 4
 The flag Kulis Ankus Kanj Jut Ban Phirt Kantak
 Pada kanj dwaand mukunda ram rames nitya bhajamhe ॥4॥

 Spiritualism: - The steps which are worshiped by Shiva and Brahmaji, and the feet of which the Kalyanamayi Raja is touched (remains rock), Gautama sage's wife Ahalya fell, the feet of which are worshiped by the sages, Devnadi who sanctifies the trilokya.  Gangaji came out and the flag, the thunderbolt and the lotus, the feet containing these markings, where the thorns in the forest have fallen due to piercing, O Mukund!  Hey Ram!  Hey Ramapati!  We continue to worship both of your feet. ॥4॥

 * Abyaktamulamnadi taru twi chari nigmagam bhane.
 Hhat kandha sakha punch twenty many porn Suman dense
 Fruit Jugal Bidhi Kadu Madhur Beli Akeli Jehi remained dependent.
 Pallavat Phulat Naval Nit Sansar Bitam Namamahe ॥5॥

 Bhartharth: - Veda Shastras have said that the origin of which is avyakta (nature), which (from flow form) is eternal, having four skin, six trunks, twenty-five branches and many leaves and many flowers, including two types of bitter and sweet.  The fruits are planted, on which there is only one vine, which is dependent on the same, in which new leaves and flowers continue to grow, we salute you in such a world tree form (manifested in the world form) ॥5॥.

 * J Brahma Ajamdvaitamnubhavagamagya Manpara Dhyaya.
 Te Kahhun Jaanhun Nath Hum Tav Sagun Jas Nite Gavahi
 Karunayatan Prabhu Sadgunakar Dev asked this bar.
 Man Bachaan Karma Bikar Tjitiv Charan Hum Anurag No ॥6॥

 Bhavartha: -Brahma is unborn, advaita, is known only by experience and is beyond the mind- (Those who say thus) meditate on Brahm, they say so and go, but O Nath!  We always sing your virtuous fame.  Oh God of mercy, Lord!  O mine of virtues!  Hey, God!  We ask for this bridesmaid to renounce the disorders from mind, words and deeds and love at your feet only.

 * Seeing everything, everyone is pleading without any kind.
 Intermittent revived Brahmo Agar 13

 Meaning: - The Vedas pleaded this best after seeing everyone.  Then he became impregnated and went to Brahmaloka ॥13 (a)

 * Banteay Sunu Sambhu came when Raghubir.
 Binay kar gatgad gir dropped puluk sarir ॥13b

 Meaning: - Kakabhushundiji says- O Garuda!  Listen, then Shiva came to where Shri Raghuveer was and started praising Gadgamadvani.  His body was completed by Pulkavali - 13 (b)॥

 * Jai Ram Ramaramanan Samman.  Bhavatap horrified Pah Jan
 Avdhes Sures Rames Bibho.  Sarnagat Matag Pahi Prabhu ॥1॥

 Meaning: O Ram!  Hey Rammaran (Lakshmikant)!  O destroyer of the pangs of birth and death!  Hail to you, protect this servant distraught from the fear of traffic.  Hey Awadhpati!  O lord of the gods!  Hey Ramapati!  Hey Vibho!  This is what I seek refuge from you, Lord!  Protect me ॥1॥

 * Tenth twenty Binasan twenty arm.  Krit Doori Maha Mahi Bhuri Ruja॥
 Rajnath Brinde was a kite.  Sir Pawan Tej Prachad Dahe ॥2॥

 Meaning: O Lord Ram, who has destroyed all the great diseases (sufferings) of the earth by destroying Ravana with ten heads and twenty arms!  The kites that were in the form of a monster group, all of them were consumed by the fierce fire of your arrows ॥2॥.

 * Mahi Mandal Mandan Charutram.  Dhrit saik chap nishang baran
 Mad Moh Maha Mamta Rajni.  Tama punja diwakar tej ani ॥3॥

 Meaning: You are the most beautiful jewels of the earth, you are wearing the best arrows, bow and tarkas.  To destroy the darkness of the night like great item, fascination and love, you are the bright ray group of the sun ॥3॥

 * Manjat Kirat Nipat.  Deer people are misguided
 Hati Nath orphan Pahi Hare.  Beyond the power, become a mistake ॥4॥

 Bhartarth: - Bhil of Kamdev has killed the deer in human form by hitting the arrow in the heart like a mischief.  Hey Nath!  O (heaps of sin and heat) hare!  Defend these Palmer orphans by forgetting them in the forest as a subject.

 * There are multiple diseases.  The fruits of dishonor
 May you go beyond the Indus  Pankaj does not love P जे5॥

 Meaning: People are killed by many diseases and disconnections (sorrows).  These are the fruits of the humiliation of your feet.  Those who do not love your feet, they are lying in the unfathomable Bhavsagar.

 * Very sad and sad  Those who do not have Pankaj Preity
 Avalamb bhavant katha jin  Dear saint anant sada tinh ke ॥6॥

 Meaning: Those who do not have love in your feet, they are always extremely humble, sullen and sad and those who are the basis of your Leela story, they are loved by saints and Gods forever ॥6॥.

 * No raga nor greed, nor ever.  Sama baibhav wa bipda
 It turns out to be a servant.  Muni jagat jog bharos always ॥7॥

 Meaning: They have no raga (attachment), no greed, no honor, nor item.  His wealth is equal to happiness and misery (sorrow).  This is why the sages leave the trust of yoga (means) forever and become your servants with happiness प्रसन्नता7॥
 * Carry love constantly.  Let the post of Pankaj be corrected.
 Even honorable disrespect.  All satisfied happy Bichranti month ॥8॥

 Meaning: They continue to serve your feet with a pure heart by taking loving rules and by treating disrespect and respect equally, all those saints are happy and roam the earth.

 * Muni Manas Pankaj beetles.  Raghubir Maha Ranadhir Ajay
 The name is Japami Namami Hari.  Bhav Rog Mahagad Maan Ari ॥9॥

 Sense: O lotus-like lotus's mind!  Hey great Randhir and invincible Mr. Raghuveer!  I worship you (take refuge in you) O Hari!  I chant your name and greet you.  You are the enemy of great medicine and pride of birth-death disease ॥9॥

 * Gun Seal Kripa Paramayatanam.  Pranamami Continuous Shriraman
 Raghunand  Xxx video Aunty Whatsapp Group links  Dvandaghanam.  Mahipal Bilokay Din Jan ॥10॥

 Meaning: You are the ultimate place of virtue, modesty and grace.  You are Lakshmipati, I bow to you constantly.  Hey Raghunandan!  (You birth, death,  Xxx video Aunty Whatsapp Group links  and sorrow, raga and misogyny) Destroy duality groups.  O king who follows the earth.  Look at this poor person too ॥10॥

 * Haraishi Dehu Srirang again and again.
 The post Saroj Anapayani Bhagati Sada Satsang

 Sense: I ask you this boon again and again that I have invariably devotion to your charankamalas and satsang of your devotees forever.

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