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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Romantic shayari || romantic shayari hindi || romantic shayari image and photo 2020

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Letest romantic shayari image

Romantic shayari || romantic shayari hindi || romantic shayari image and photo 2020 

romantic shayari image hindi bahut samay pahale kee baat hai ek jangal mein ek ped ke neeche kuchh choohe rahate the, choohon ne ped kee jad ke paas apane ghar banae hue the, paas mein hee ek 

romantic shayari pic hindi  bahatee thee, sabhee choohe aapas mein milajul kar rahe the. aur khush raho the, ek din ek haathiyon ka jhund vahaan aa gaya, haathiyon ne neeche kuchh bhee nahin dekha jo bhee saamane aaya sab ko 

romantic shayari in hindi for bf diya, is mein choohon ke kaee ghar tabaah ho gae aur kuchh choohe vaalee tarah se ghaayal bhee ho gae. , ab choohon ne ek sabha bulaee jis mein unhon ne apane saradaar se kaha ki vah chalate haathiyon ke 

romantic shayari in hindi for gf se baat kare ki kis tarah unake sahayogiyon ne hamaare ghar tabaah kar die hain, choohon ka saradaar haathiyon ke saradaar ke paas gaya aur namrata se

New romantic status hindi

New romantic shayari photo . ki aaj aapake haathiyon ne hamaare bahut saare ghar tod die aur kaee choohon ko jakhmee bhee kar diya hai, ab aage se aisa na karen, haathiyon ka saradaar dayaalu ne

 New romantic shayari tha ki aaj ke baad koee bhee haathee aapako tak dosh nahin dega, yah vaada hai karata hoon, choohon ke saradaar ne kaha jab bhee jaroorat ho hamen yaad karana ham aapakee madad

 Fb romantic shayari pic aa jaenge, choohon ka saradaar khush hokar vaapas aa gaya aur bataaya ki sab theek ho gaya hai, sab kuchh pahale kee tarah chalane lag gae, kaaphee din ek ke baad ek aaree

Hindi romantic Whatsapp status  aakar aapana jaal nadee ke kinaare par bichha diya, haathiyon ka saradaar is jaal mein phans gaya, usako apane dost choohon ke saradaar kee yaad aaee, usane apane

 romantic shayari photo ke sath  shayari photo ke sath  ko bulaakar kaha ki ve choohon ke saradaar ko bulaakar laakar vah hee hamaaree madad kar rahe hain. ho sakata hai, haathee daud kar choohe  

hindi romantic shayari for husband  gae aur saaree baat bataee, sabhee choohe madad ke lie daud pade, kuchh hee minaton mein unhon ne apane tej daanton se jaal ko kaat diya aur haathee ko aajaad karana diya, haathee ne choohon ka dhanyavaad kiya. aur kaha kar bhala ho bhala ant bhee ka bhala,

hindi romantic shayari for wife  It was a long time ago that some rats lived under a tree in a forest, the rats built their houses near the root of the tree, a river flowed nearby, all the mice lived together.  And used to be happy, one day a herd of

 hindi romantic shayari for friend  came there, elephants saw nothing below, crushed all that came in front, in this many houses of mice were destroyed and some rats were also badly injured.  , Now the mice called a meeting in which they asked their headman to go and talk to the

 रोमांटिक शायरी  of elephants about how their comrades have destroyed our house, the head of the mice went to the elephant head and said politely  That your elephants have broken a lot of our houses today and have also injured many mice, do not do this from now on, the headman of the

 Very Romantic Shayari in Hindi  was kind. He said that after this no elephant will hurt you, in this promise  I said, the chieftain of the mice said whenever we need, we will come to your aid, the chieftain of the mice came back happily and told that everything is fine, everything started running as

 Romantic shayari Urdu, many days.  After a stroke  Rari came and laid his trap on the banks of the river, the elephant chieftain got trapped in this trap, he remembered his friend the chieftain of the rats, he called his companions and asked them to रोमांटिक शायरी हिंदी शायरी the chieftain of the mice to help us.

  Romantic shayari marathi, the elephant ran to the rat and told the whole thing, all the rats ran for help, in a few minutes they cut the trap with their sharp teeth and liberated the elephant, the elephant thanked the mice  And saying well, well Romantic love shayari

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