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punjabi girls whatsapp group links

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punjab girls whatsapp group links Sing, Chini Kumari and some Wuhan Kumar etc.  I do not know whether this corona populated or ruined me.  The time we are going through now, people are wearing the same mask in this difficult time.  I have to muster a lot of courage to write this truth with me.  Leaving our village, home and Chhattisgarh, when Bombay came to the city, I never thought that our dreams would be broken in the city of dreams.

punjab girls whatsapp group links father, thinking that, Champa will blossom and smell.  Papa was the postman and I was a lovely letter that God sent to this postman and my father and mother kept me very safe like a letter from God.  Papa's friend was Bholu's uncle who was the only peon of our town's college and the 

punjab girls whatsapp group links Bholu uncle's son Madhav was two months older than me and he was my best friend.  Never thought that in this way my pain will come in ink, but the truth is that by sharing, the pain also becomes lighter.

punjab girls whatsapp group links relationship with the consent of both families.  I became daughter-in-law from Bholu uncle's daughter.  I and Madhav started life very well.  Both of them together in the college of Bholu Kaka together with B.A.  Was studying  The fee was our pardon and both of us in the village were ideal, "Look at the children of the postman and peon, how well they are studying."  While I 

punjab girls whatsapp group links history, Madhav was well versed in economics.  B.A.  Madhav and I both came first and second in Chhattisgarh punjab girls whatsapp group links.  Our dreams were very big, which could not be fulfilled in our punjab girls whatsapp group links under any circumstances.  The son of a college economics professor was a big officer in the city of punjab girls whatsapp group links.  On Bholu Kaka's request, the professor told both of us to go to Bombay to meet his punjab girls whatsapp group links.

 punjab girls whatsapp group links day, my Babuji and Bhola uncle's accumulated capital and take my punjab girls whatsapp group links, I and Madhav reached the dream city of Mumbai.  punjab girls whatsapp group links Saheb's son gave a punjab girls whatsapp group links to stay in the Sarwant quarter of his government bungalow.  Seeing Madhav's interest in economics, Saurabh ji got an accountant job punjab girls whatsapp group links a business company of Madhav.  I felt that Saurabh's wife wanted me to do household chores, which was punjab girls whatsapp group links daughter-in-law of the peon.  When my degree was punjab girls whatsapp group links, he changed his mind and his attitude towards us.  Which clearly meant that soon we should find our whereabouts, punjab girls whatsapp group links it was their serving room.  Now all the secrets of Mayanagari punjab girls whatsapp group links beginning to be understood.  Madhav's attack, going to the office in a punjab girls whatsapp group links train and coming back to that small room are punjab girls whatsapp group links.

 Hot punjab girls whatsapp group links friends, we saw a room in Dharavi, and we made our home there.  I had learned Bastar art from my friends and  Hot punjab girls whatsapp group while studying in my college, what was it then? I gave a new look to my shelter by keeping painting and some decorations in the walls and roof inside the same opening.  On entering, it seems that you are in a restaurant which has been given the look of Bastar. 

  Hot punjab girls whatsapp group decorating this nest.  I started teaching children and women around.  With the help of an NGO, got the women sewing machine around, taught them sewing and started getting them small orders.  It had been five years since we came to  Hot punjab girls whatsapp group.  In the meantime, many villages have also come up.  Everything was fine, but even after six years of marriage, our nest was  Hot punjab girls whatsapp group.  The family members used to ask but now we also started feeling this emptiness.  From my  Hot punjab girls whatsapp group and home, Dhiravi's wife Disha Pawar had become a very good friend of mine.  Seeing my grief, she  Hot punjab girls whatsapp group me with herself to Doctor Kedar in Ankur test tube baby center.  All the tests were done by my Madhav.  In it, sperm count was found in  Hot punjab girls whatsapp group sperm.  All my tests were normal.  By going along with Disha, we  Hot punjab girls whatsapp group VIP patients of Doctor Kedar.  He gave medicine to Madhav and after three months asked us to  Hot punjab girls whatsapp group.  Now everyday I and Madhav weave dreams of our future.  I became a bird in my dream and Madhav irritated me.  I used to say as a bird, "Hey nest has become a need now for a little bird."

  Hot punjab girls whatsapp group means my bird, "I don't want a sweet little bird like you."

 I would say to my irritation, "Shit, I am ashamed".

  Hot punjab girls whatsapp group Chira used to say, "Hey, who said that he has made a nest as well, so far we both came flying, what is the demand?  A little sweet like your bird. "

 Life was going very well with such dreams.  Due to my work and friendship with some direction, everyone used to call me little Madam in Dharavi.  Madhav would have been proud of me but now we had to look our own.  Everyday, people see that in China people are getting a disease called Corona which is caused by a virus and the name of the virus is Kovid.  I laugh very much, this is a foreign disease, what do we deal with.  On hearing the virus, I remembered Aamir Khan's picture three idiots where he named his college principal.

tyauhaaron aur chhuttiyon ka samay hai aur aaphis kee chinta ghar kee dahaleej par hee chhodatee hai, aap snainks ka daura kar rahe hain. har ghar mein tyauhaar kee halachal hai aur aap is baat se bekhabar hain ki mithaiyon aur snaiks ke bahaane aap kitane beraz le rahe hain.

aap jinase milane ja rahe hain, ve bhee aapake svaagat mein jaane kitane shaantazaat khade hote hain. aaiye ham aapako chhuttiyon aur tyauhaaron mein phit rahane kee takaneek bata den, jisase aap vazan badhane kee chinta se mukt ho sakate hain.

phit ke lie raamabaan mein jal hai:
khaana khaane se pahale paanee peee. aisa karake aap ovareeting se bach jaenge, aapako adhik samay tak bhookh nahin lagegee aur aapako aisa mahasoos hoga ki aapaka pet bhara hua hai. ek achchha upaay yah bhee ho sakata hai ki aap garm paanee mein neeboo ka ras milaakar peeen.

khaane kee kalaee daraaj se:
kam vasa vaale soop ya adhik phaibar vaale salaad ka sevan karen.

kailoree kauntar:
aapake paas itana samay nahin hai ki aap jo kuchh bhee khaayen, usakee maatra naap len. lekin ek baar apane aahaar mein maujood poshak tatvon ka andaaza lagaakar aap hamesha ke lie unake phaayadon ko jaan lenge.

khaane kee plet:
khaane ke lie hamesha chhotee plet ya katoree ka istemaal karen. apakee plet jitanee badee hogee aap utana adhik khaana khaayenge.

snaiks ko khud se door rakhen:
snaiks ke lie paushtik aahaar ka chunaav karen jaise sprauts, daliya aadi. isase aapakee shaareerik phitanes barakaraar rahegee.

phaibar daayameetar:
log tab adhik kha lete hain, jab snaiks saamane dikhate hain isalie kichan mein snaiks rakhane ke lie hamesha rangeen bakse ka prayog karen. apane kichan ko svaasth aahaar se bhar den aur dhyaan rakhen phaibar yukt aahaar lene se aapako adhik der tak bhookh nahin lagegee.

ab chhuttiyon mein vazan badhane kee chinta se bephikr ho jaayen aur phit rahen.

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