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maharashtra girls WhatsApp Group links | maharashtra WhatsApp Group links 2020

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maharashtra girls WhatsApp Group links

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maharashtra girls WhatsApp Group links from above came and said - go up, Bai saheb.  Malin panics.  Every morning Bai Saheb has called, no crime has been committed.  She even forgot to keep the hand sores.  In a moment, she stood in front of Bai Saheb with a hoof in her hand and her little daughter Ramia was standing nearby, holding her dhoti.
 'Malin goes to our munni every day and gets tired of sitting in school.  Here your Ramiya digs grass all day and has fun in the garden.  Now it will not happen.  Ramia will also have to go to study.

maharashtra girls WhatsApp Group links of the mistress continued  He said, 'Ramiya is yours only Bai saheb, whether you send it to study or work in the garden.  But if Ramia goes to study, will Munni Rani's garden not dry up?  Who will irrigate it? '
 Before anyone could speak Munni said, 'Then we will also irrigate the garden.  If Ramia does not go to study, we will not go, whatever happens. '

 maharashtra WhatsApp Group links 2020 a bandage. Who doesn't give Munna Rani?"
 Munni said, 'Don't excuse the strip and the book, Malin.  We will give  But if Ramia does not go to study, then we also do not go.  Munni ran away by throwing this lo-saying strip book. '
 The mother caught him and said, 'Stop, Munni Ramiya will also read.'

maharashtra girls WhatsApp Group links excuse.  How will mother Ramia go to bid to take a stitch from Malin?  Where does she have clean clothes?  Now I go to work in the garden. 'Munni started coming down from her life.

 maharashtra girls WhatsApp Group links  Together, Ramia also had to go.  The strip book was traced from home.  Ramiya went to school on the first day wearing an old fracas of Munni.  Gradually, there was a strong bond between them.  Now she was not afraid to go to school.  Both of them went back to school together and studied together.  Now Munni did not have any complaint that she goes to study for free and Ramia enjoys the whole day.

maharashtra girls WhatsApp Group links up while watching.  From the day the two started studying together, along with goodwill, there was a strong friendship.  Munni does not let any of her behavior reveal that Ramia is the daughter of his dependent Malin.  Rami used to sleep with the mother at night, the rest of the time Munni would not let her come down.  This year both of them have given matriculation examination.  Munni's father is preparing for Munni's marriage.  But Rami's mother had a 

maharashtra girls WhatsApp Group links read so much.  She does not seem like a girl to me illiterate because of her tricks and behavior.  How and where will I get her married?  Then she does not think marriage is a matter.  Mary Rami will become the master of the school.  And then Rami will not let me do Malin's work here.  Will I leave my good boss and leave?  I live here  I will die here too.

 maharashtra girls WhatsApp Group links long.  He seemed ashamed and hesitant to work in the garden with his mother.  But it was also not supported that his mother should work hard all day and she should be sitting.  Seeing the mother working, she would have to suffer greatly, but there was no other solution.  He thought that if I pass the exam, whether I fail or not, I will do a job somewhere.  Only fifteen or twenty rupees will be received, so what happened, the mother will not have to pay wages throughout the day.  Mother has suffered a lot.  Now she grew old.  Now I will not let them suffer for long.  And according to this determination, he also sent applications to many schools.

 maharashtra WhatsApp Group links He was worried about Rami's marriage.  She was thinking that we both studied together and grew up.  Also gave matriculation examination and now marriage is happening only to me.  Rami must also be married.  Rami will not be married to her mother.  And then how bad it would be to tie Rami to the illiterate by reading and writing.  Father's dear Munni could not suppress these rising emotions.  One day she said to her father, 'Babuji, you have taught and taught Rami.  You will also have to worry about his marriage.  Now he will not be married to a bastard. '

 maharashtra WhatsApp Group links this marriage, Rami's marriage number will come."  I'm looking for a boy. '
 Munni's brother Jagat Singh, who was abroad for five years, is coming today.  Munni's father has already reached Bombay to pick up the boy.  The car will arrive in the evening.  Both Munni and Rami are decorating Jagat Singh's room with great dedication.  Munni was a very happy and playful girl.  She herself knew to be happy and forced those living nearby to be happy.  Laying a beautiful tablecloth on the brother's table, Munni said, 'Look, Rami, I have told your father for your marriage too.  He will marry you after finding a beautiful groom like you, read and write. 'And Munni gave a slight bite to Rami's cheeks.  Rami said in sadness, 'But I will not get married.'

 maharashtra WhatsApp Group links.  You are not afraid of me.  If I go somewhere, then my father will have to marry you before my marriage.  Did you forget to go to school? ”And both laughed.  Suddenly, both of them saw their reflection in a big mirror near the makeup table.  Munni kept watching for a while, then said Rami, I am white to you, but you are more beautiful than me.  Good look, I tell you, don't come in front of my husband.  Lest he leave me and like you. '

 maharashtra WhatsApp Group linksmake fun of me.  Where are you and where am I?  WhatsApp Group links is a lot of WhatsApp Group links.  You are white to me, beautiful too.  But still you do not panic.  I will not WhatsApp Group links before your WhatsApp Group links.  They will not take even a particle from their love on you.  Now happy. '

 Munni WhatsApp Group links, "But you are more beautiful than me, my heart says it and it also says mirror.  Yes, I want to WhatsApp Group links it. '

 maharashtra WhatsApp Group links brother come, whoever is called beautiful is just beautiful."  Is it ok?'
 "And then even call the monkey beautiful," Rami said and started 
 maharashtra WhatsApp Group links the flowers in a vase.  With both 
 maharashtra WhatsApp Group links slamming on Rami's back, Munni said, "But who is the monkey here, that you, I don't speak?"

 Rami said, "
 maharashtra WhatsApp Group links you, nor me, but if they tell a third person to be beautiful?"

 His father Munni and 
 maharashtra WhatsApp Group links people had reached the station to pick Jagat Singh, came maharashtra girls WhatsApp Group links.  For a very long time there was a stir in the house.

maharashtra girls WhatsApp Group links | maharashtra WhatsApp Group links 2020

 The maharashtra girls WhatsApp Group links was unwell.  With the best of farewell, he 
 maharashtra WhatsApp Group links to his room to sleep.  He took off his clothes and lay down.  He was really tired.  But after a minute, like a gust of maharashtra girls WhatsApp Group links, Munni reached both the doors quickly.  With one hand, she was dragging Rami, she said, 'Brother, you maharashtra girls WhatsApp Group links to decide one thing before sleeping.  Tell the truth  I am more beautiful that this? ”Jagat laughed, said,“ Munni, you are still a maharashtra girls WhatsApp Group links child.  Go give me sleep  I am tired  And he turned and fell asleep. '

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