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Kerala WhatsApp group-Kerala WhatsApp group links 2020

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Kerala WhatsApp Group Links

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  • no abusing.
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  • men are women both are allowed.
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  • no share personal videos, photos.
  • don't change group makeover.
  • respect everyone.
  • any issues contact group admin
  • be happy and make happy.
  • If you have any problem with the group members then contact the group admin

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Kerala WhatsApp group-Kerala WhatsApp group links 2020-shayari4you

Kerala WhatsApp group links scord in the house for several days. Mother was seated with a different face, the woman was different. Like poison was filled in the air of the house. No food is made by night, by day I put khichdi on the stove; But nobody ate Even the children had no appetite today. Sometimes the little girl would come and stand beside me, sometimes with mother, sometimes with grandmother; But there were no words of love for him. Nobody

Kerala WhatsApp group links he had also committed a crime. The boy came from school in the evening. Nobody gave him anything to eat, nor spoke to him, nor asked anything. Both were sitting in the verandah and probably wondering - why have the hearts of the people gone so far from them in the house today. How many times brothers and sisters fight in the day, weeping and beating also happen many times; But it never happens that food is not cooked at home or no one speaks to anyone. What kind of a quarrel is that even after the twenty-four hours pass, it is not cool, it was probably not understandable to them.

Kerala WhatsApp group links The wife, who wrote the list of goods for sending Teja to my sister's house, became more aware of the wife's situation at home. Amma herself is intelligent. They had cropped a bit; But there should have been further truncation at the thought of wife. If there are three instead of five sarees, what is the harm? What would toys be, how much sweets needed! He said - when there is nothing in employment; Daily tasks h

Kerala WhatsApp group links has got soaked, then why should it be so generous in fresh? First they burn the lamp in the house and then burn it in the Masjid. It is not that they burn the lamp in the Masjid and the house remains dark. On this matter, there was an altercation in the mother-in-law, then the branches broke out. It did go to where, buried the dead were uprooted. The turn of allegories came, the round of satire began and ended on Maunalankar.

Kerala WhatsApp group links on behalf of Amma, then the wife starts crying and washing, cursing her destiny; When I say wife, I get the title of Jan Murid. So both sides were supported in turn; But my selfish sympathy was with the wife. Could not say anything openly to Amman; But it was understood in my heart that it is from them. This is the condition of the shop that sometimes there is no sowing. Assurances are not to be avoided, so why beat these old lines and endanger your life!

 Kerala WhatsApp group links of this householder was irritating. There are three beings in the house and there is no love in them either. A fire should be set in such a household. Sometimes there was such a craze that everyone should leave and run away. When he falls on his head, he will come to his senses; Then you will know how the householder

Kerala WhatsApp group links to face this calamity? It does not take the name of marriage. Various snotty feelings were coming to mind. Never mind, Amma wants to trouble me. The daughter-in-law does not press her

Kerala WhatsApp group link-shayari4you  so what is my fault in this? I have not refused it! I would be really happy if I have so much love in my mother-in-law; But it is not under my control to put love in both. If Amma has washed her mother-in-law's sari, pressed her feet, eaten her swirls, then why does she want to pay the old account to her daughter-in-law? Why don't they see that times have changed? The daughter-in-law no longer enslaves mother-in-law. With love, take a hair of their head, but those who want to rule over them with awe, those days are over.

 Kerala WhatsApp group link-shayari4you all over the city. There was a struggle in my house. It was evening; But the house was dark. Wretchedness was prevalent. I got angry at my wife. Fight, fight; But why is there darkness in the house? He went and said - will the lamp not light in the house today?

Kerala WhatsApp group link-shayari4you whose name is taken in the morning, so there is no food for the whole day. Hundreds of his legends are popular in the city. It is said that once a beggar from Marwar danced at his door that he would go with begging. Seth ji also insisted that I will not give alms, whatever it may be. Marwari belonged to his country. For a while, he continued to talk about his ancestors, then condemned them, finally lying at the door. Seth ji did not care at all. The beggar was also sure of his tune. There was no water at the gate all day and eventually died there. Then Seth ji sweated and performed his action with such pompousness that very few would have done it. The Satyagraha of the beggar became a boon for Seth ji. A source of devotion opened up in his conscience. Charitable surrendered all his property.

Kerala WhatsApp group link-shayari4you there was a crowd of spectators. Used to peel from shoulder to shoulder. The routes of arrival and departure were different, yet we had the opportunity to go in after half an hour. Jaidev used to be puffed up after seeing the decorations, but I used to know that Krishna's soul is lost somewhere in this texture and decoration fair. Seeing that gem-studded, electrifying sculpture of his, arouse my mind. Can love also be in this form? I have seen darp and ego filled with gems. I could not remember at that time, that this is a temple of a millionaire Seth and a rich man can only imagine a God who wakes up in wealth. Only God can be revered in him. He who does not have wealth, can deserve his mercy, and never reverence.

 Kerala WhatsApp group link-shayari4you temple. Everyone knows them everywhere. A music troupe was sitting in the courtyard of the temple. Kelkar ji was sitting in a tent with his disciples of Gandharva-Vidyalaya. The disciples of Pakhawaj, Sitar, Sarod, Veena and others, whose names I do not even know, were with their disciples. Preparations were being made to play a song. Kelkar ji called upon seeing Jayadev! I also sat in Tufail. The song started in a moment. Sama tied up. Where

 Hot Kerala WhatsApp group link-shayari4you was so much noise that even the sound of the cannon would not be heard, there was that flow of melody that drowned everyone. Wherever he was, there stood the mantra. My imagination was never so illustrated and alive. In front of me there was neither a dazzle of lightning, nor that sparkling of gems, nor that ceremony of material personalities. In front of me, it was the banks of the Yamuna, with a veil of gulls and vines. The same Mohini was the cows, the water sports of the gopis, the sweet sound of the Vanshi, the same cold moonlight and the lovely Nandkishor there! Whose image had the light of love and love, whose views used to cleanse the heart

 Hot Kerala WhatsApp group link in such a state of ecstasy that the concert stopped and a teenage disciple of Acharya Kelkar started Dhrupad. Artists have a habit of manipulating words in such a way that most of the listeners do not understand what they are singing. I could not understand even a single word in this song; But there was such an intoxicating elegance in the vocals that each tone thrilled me. There is such magic power in the voice, I had some experience today. A new world began to be created in the mind, where there is bliss-love-bliss, love-love-love, sacrifice-sacrifice. It felt like, grief is only an attitude of the mind, truth is only bliss. A clean, compassionate tenderness began to stir the mind. Arose in a spirit mind that there were many gentleman sitting, all my own, are inseparable. Then the memory of my brother emerged from the womb of the past.

  Hot Kerala WhatsApp group link younger brother had been fighting for a long time, ran away from me to Rangoon with the help of the house, and he died there. I used to get mad at remembering his bestial practices. Had he been able to win, he would have probably drank his blood, but at this time, seeing the idol, my heart became as vocal. He was distraught to hug her. He has treated me, my woman, my mother, my child, the bitter, lowly and hateful behavior I have forgotten. There was only this feeling in my mind - how sad my brother is. I never had so much affection for this brother, then I got that state of mind, which can be called feverish! Enemy-like was erased from the mind. All the

 Hot Kerala WhatsApp group link with whom I had hatred, who had abused, molested, litigated everything, were laughing all over my neck. Then the idol of Vidya (wife) stood in front of me - the idol that I saw ten years ago - there was the same tremor in those eyes, the same doubtful faith, the same shame on the cheekbones - the redness, like a lotus emanating from a love lake. Flower. The same affection, the same passion, the same pleading, in which I had welcomed him on that forgettable night, once again arose in my heart. Like a source of sweet memories opened. Yes, I crave so that at the same time, weep on the feet of learning and weep and weep and weep. My eyes lit up. The bitter words that came out of my mouth, all of them started to melt in my heart. In this situation, like Mamatamayi Mata came and picked me up in her lap. I did not have the power to enjoy the childhood in childhood, I enjoyed it today.

 Hot Kerala WhatsApp group link stopped. Everyone got up and left. I was immersed in the ocean of imagination.
 Suddenly Jaidev called - will you walk, or will you sit still?

 Hot Kerala Aunty WhatsApp group link dinon se ghar mein kalah macha hua tha. maan alag munh phulaaye baithee thee, mahila alag. ghar kee vaayu mein jaise vish bhara hua tha. raat ko bhojan nahin banaaya, din ko mainne stov par khichadee daalee; par kisee ko nahin bataaya. bachchon ko bhee aaj bhookh na thee. chhotee ladakee kabhee mere paas aakar khadee ho jaatee hai, kabhee maata-pita ke paas, kabhee daadee ke paas; par kaheen usake lie pyaar kee baaten na theen. koee use god mein na uthaata tha, maanon usane bhee aparaadh kiya ho. ladaka shaam ko skool se

 Hot Kerala Aunty WhatsApp group link. kisee ne use kuchh khaane ko na diya, na usase bola, na kuchh poochha. donon baraamade mein man maare baithe hue the aur shaayad soch rahe the- ghar mein aaj kyon logon ke dil unake lie phir se gae hain. bhaee-bahin din mein kaee baar ladate hain, rona-peetana bhee kaee baar ho jaata hai; ghar aisa kabhee nahin hota hai ki ghar mein khaana na pake ya koee kisee se bole nahin. yah kitana spasht hai ki chaubees ghante gujar jaane par bhee shaant nahin hota, yah shaayad unakee samajh mein na aata tha.

 Hot Kerala Aunty WhatsApp group link kee jad kuchh na thee. ammaan ne meree bahan ke ghar teeja bhejan ke lie jin saamaanon kee soochee likhaee, vah patnee jee ko ghar kee sthiti dekhate hue adhik maaloom huee. ammaan svayan samajhadaar hain. unhonne thoda-bahut kaat-chhaant kar dee thee; lekin patnee jee ke vichaar se aur kaat-chhaant honee chaahie thee. paanch saadiyon kee jagah teen raho, to kya spasht hai. khilaune bahut hain, to mithaee kee kya zaroorat hai! unaka kahana tha- jab rojagaar mein kuchh nahin milata hai; dainik kaaryo

 Hot Kerala Aunty WhatsApp group link kheenchataan karanee padatee hai, doodh-ghee ke bajat mein takhtiyat ho gayee, to phir teeje mein kyon itanee udaarata kee jaay? pahale ghar mein diya jalaakar tab masajid mein jalaate hain. yah nahin hai ki masjid mein to jala den aur ghar mein andhera ho gaya ho. isee baat par saas-bahoo mein takaraar ho gayee, phir shaakhen phoot nikaleen. baat kahaan se kahaan ja pahunchee, gade hue murde ukhaade gae. anyoktiyon kee baaree aaee, vyangy ka daur shuru hua aur maulankar par samaapt ho gaya hai.

 Hot Kerala Aunty WhatsApp group link badee paristhiti mein tha. agar ammaan kee taraph se kuchh kahata hoon, to patnee jee rona-dhona shuroo karatee hain, apane naskanon ko kosane lagatee hain; patnee kee-see kahatee hai to jan-mureed kee upaadhi milatee hai. isalie baaree-baaree se donon pakshon ka samarthan karata hai; par svaarthavash meree sahaanubhooti patnee ke saath hee thee. khul kar ammaan se kuchh na kaha ja sakata tha; par dil mein samajh raha tha ki jeenati inheen kee hai. dukaan ka yah haal hai ki kabhee-kabhee bohanee bhee nahin hotee hai. asaamiyon se taka vasool nahin hota hai, to ye puraanee lakeeren peeke kyon apanee jaan jokhim mein daal den!

 Hot Kerala Aunty WhatsApp group link is grhasthee ke janjaal par tabeeyat jhunjhalaatee thee. ghar mein teen to praanee hain aur unamen bhee prem bhaav nahin hai! aisee grhasthee mein to aag laga denee chaahie. kabhee-kabhee aisee sanak savaar ho jaatee thee ki sabako chhod-chhaadakar kaheen bhaag jaoon. jab apane sir, to inako hosh aayega; tab maaloom hoga ki grhasthee kitanee chalatee hai. kya jaanata tha ki yah vipatti jhelanee padegee nahin vivaah ka naam hee na leta hai. tarah-tarah ke kutsit bhaav man mein aa rahe the. koee baat nahin, ammaan mujhe pareshaan karana chaahatee hain.

 Hot Kerala Aunty WhatsApp group link unake paanv nahin dabaatee, unake sir mein tel nahin daalatee, to mera kya dosh hai? mainne use manaaya to nahin kar diya hai! mujhe to sachcha aanand hoga, agar saas-bahoo mein itana pyaar ho jae; lekin yah mere vash kee baat nahin hai ki donon mein prem daal doon. agar ammaan ne apanee saas kee sari dhoyee hai, unake paanv dabaaye hain, unakee ghudakiyaan khaayee hain, to aaj vah puraana hisaab bahoo se kyon chukaana chaahatee hain? unhen kyon nahin dikhaee deta hai ki ab samay badal gaya hai? bahuen ab bhayavash saas kee gulaamee nahin karateen. prem se chaahe unake sir ke baal noch lo, lekin jofo un par shaasan karana chaahate hain, to vah din lad gae.

 Hot Kerala Aunty WhatsApp group link shahar mein janmaashtamee ka tyohaar ho raha tha. mere ghar mein sangraam paasada hua tha. sandhya ho gayee thee; par ghar mein andhera pada tha. manahoosiyat chhaee huee thee. mujhe apanee patnee par gussa aaya. ladatee ho, ladatee ho; lekin ghar mein andhera kyon rakha gaya hai? jao ne kaha- kya aaj ghar mein chiraag na jalenge?

 Hot Kerala Aunty WhatsApp group link ne munh phulaakar kaha- jala kyon nahin lete. tumhaare haath nahin hain?

meree deh mein aag lag gayee. bola- to kya jab tumhaare charan nahin aaye the, tab ghar mein chiraag na jalate the?
ammaan ne aag ko hava dee- nahin, tab tak sab log andhere mein hee pade rahe the.

 Hot Kerala Aunty WhatsApp group link jee ko ammaan kee is tippanee ne jaame ke baahar kar diya. boleen- jalee hogee mittee kee kuppee! laalaten to mainne nahin dekha. mujhe is ghar mein aaye das saal ho gae.

 Hot Kerala Aunty WhatsApp group link ghoorelaal un aadamiyon mein hain, jinake praat: ko naam le lo, to din-bhar bhojan na mile. unake phlaeechoosing kee saikadon hee dantakathaen nagar mein prachalit hain. kahate hain, ek baar maaravaad ka ek bhikhaaree unake dvaar par dat gaya ki bhiksha lekar hee jaoonga. seth jee bhee ad gae ki bhiksha nand, chaahe kuchh ho. maaravaadee unheen ke desh ka tha. kuchh der to unake poorvajon ka bakhaan karata raha, phir unakee ninda karane laga, ant mein dvaar par let raha. seth jee ne rattee-bhar paravaah na kee.

 Hot Kerala Aunty WhatsApp group link bhee apanee dhun ka pakka tha. saara din dvaar par be-daana-paanee pada raha aur ant mein vaheen mar gaya. tab seth jee paseeje aur usakee kriya itanee dhoom-dhaam se kee ki bahut kam kisee ne kee hogee. bhikshuk ka satyaagrah seth jee ke lie varadaan ho gaya hai. unake antar: karan mein bhakti ka jaise srot khul gaya. apanee saaree sampatti dharmaarth arpan kar dee.

 Hot Kerala Aunty WhatsApp group link log thaakuradaare mein pahunche, to darshakon kee bheed lagee thee. kandhe se kandha chhilata thee. aane aur jaane ke maarg alag the, phir bhee hamen kuchh ghanton ke baad bheetar jaane ka avasar mila. jayadev daich dekh-dekhakar lot-pot hue jaate the, par mujhe aisa maaloom hota tha ki is banaavat aur sajaavat ke mele mein krshn kee aatma kaheen kho gayee hai. unakee vah ratnajatit,

 Hot Kerala Aunty WhatsApp group link se jagamagaatee moorti dekhakar mere man mein glaani utpann huee. is roop mein bhee prem ka nivaas ho sakata hai? mainne to ratnon mein darp aur ahankaar hee bhara dekha hai. mujhe us vakt yahee yaad rakhana hoga, ki yah ek karodapati seth ka mandir hai aur dhanee manushy dhan mein lotane vaale eeshvar kee hee kalpana kar sakate hain. dhanee eeshvar mein hee usakee shraddha ho sakatee hai. jisake paas dhan nahin hai, vah usakee daya ka paatr ho sakata hai, shraddha ka kad any nahin.

 Hot Kerala Aunty WhatsApp group link mein jayadev ko sabhee jaanate hain. unhen to sabhee jagah sabhee jaanate hain. mandir ke aangan mein sangeet-mandalee baithee huee thee. kelakar jee apane gandharv-vidyaalay ke shishyon ke saath tepura liye baithe the. pakhaavaj, sitaar, sarod, veena aur jaane kaun-kaun baaje, jinake naam bhee mujhe nahin pata, unake shishyon ke paas the. koee rachana baajaane kee taiyaaree ho rahee thee. jayadev ko dekhate hee kelakar jee ne pukaara! mai bhee tuphail mein ja baitha. ek kshan mein rachana shuroo huee. samaan baandh gaya. jahaan itanee shor-gul thee ki top kee aavaaz bhee na sunaayee detee hai,

 Hot Kerala Aunty WhatsApp group link maadhury ke us pravaah ne sab kisee ko apane mein dubo liya. jo jahaan tha, vaheen mantr- mugdh-sa khada tha. meree kalpana kabhee itanee sachitr aur sajeev na thee. mere saamane na vah bijalee kee
hakaachaundh thee, na vah ratnon kee jagamagaahat, na vah bhautik vibhoot ka samaaroh. mere saamane vahee yamuna ka tat tha, gulm-lataon ka ghoonghat munh par pate hue the. vahee mohinee gaooen theen, vahee gopiyon kee jal-kreeda, vaheen vanshee kee madhur dhvani, vahee sheetal chaandanee aur vahaan pyaara nandakishor! jisakee pramukh-chhavi mein prem aur vaatsaly kee jyoti thee, jisake drshyon hee se hrday nirmal ho jaate the.

 Hot Kerala Aunty WhatsApp group link isee aanand-vismrti kee dasha mein tha ki kansart band ho gaya aur aachaary kelakar ke ek kishor ne dhrupad alaapana shuru kiya. kalaakaaron kee aadat hai ki shabdon ko kuchh is tarah tod-marod dete hain ki jyaadaatar sunanevaalon kee samajh mein nahin aata ki kya ga raha hai.) is geet ka ek shabd bhee meree samajh mein na aaya; lekin kanth-svar mein kuchh aisee maadyata bharee laality thee ki pratyek svar mujhe romaanchit kar deta tha. kanth-svar mein itanee jaadoo bharee shakti

 Hot Kerala Aunty WhatsApp group link mujhe aaj kuchh anubhav hua. man mein ek nae sansaar kee srshti hone lagee, jahaan aanand-hee-aanand hai, prem-hee-prem, tyaag-hee-balidaan. aisa jaan pada, du: kh keval chitt kee ek vrtti hai, saty hee keval aanand hai. ek svachchh, karuna se bharee komalata, jaise man ko masosane lagee. aisee bhaavana man mein uthee ki vahaan jitanejan baithe hue the, sab mere apane hain, abhinn hain. phir ateet ke ishaare se mere bhaee kee smrti-moorti nikal aayee.

 Hot Kerala Aunty WhatsApp group link bhaee bahut din hua, mujhase ladakar, ghar kee jama-jatha ke rangoon bhaag gaya tha, aur vaheen usakee dehaant ho gaya tha. usake paashavik vyavahaaron ko yaad karake main ilaatt ho uthata tha. use jeet pa jaata hai to shaayad usakee khoon pee jaatee hai, is samay smrti-moorti ko dekhakar mera man jaise mukharit ho utha. use aalingan karane ke lie vyaakul ho gae hain. usane mere saath, meree stree ke saath, maata ke saath, mere bachche ke saath, jo-jo katu, neech aur ghrnaatmak vyavahaar kie the, vah sab mujhe bhool gaya tha. man mein keval yahee

 Hot Kerala Aunty WhatsApp group link thee- mera bhaiya kitana dukhee: khee hai. mujhe is bhaee ke prati kabhee itana mamata na huee thee, phir man kee vah WhatsApp group link ho gayee, jise vihvalata kah sakate hain! shatru-bhaav jaise man se mit WhatsApp group link tha. jin-jin praaniyon se mera bair-bhaav tha, jise gaalee-galauj, maar-peet abhiyojan sab kuchh ho chuka tha, WhatsApp group link sabhee jaise mere gale mein lipat-lipatakar hans rahe the. phir vidya (patnee) kee moorti mere saamane aa khadee huee- vah moorti jise das saal pahale WhatsApp group link dekha tha- un aankhon mein vahee vikal sankar tha, vahee vishvaas WhatsApp group link, kapolon par vahee lajja- laalima, jaise prem sarovar se nikalee koee kamal nahin. ho jaana. vahee anuraag, vahee WhatsApp group link, vahee ya saadhana-poorn utsukata, jisamen mainne us

 Hot Kerala Aunty WhatsApp group link vaalee raat ko usaka svaagat kiya tha, ek baar phir mere dil mein jee uthee. madhur smrtiyon ka jaise srot-sa khul WhatsApp group link. jee aisa tadapa ki isee samay vidya ke charanon par sir ragadakar WhatsApp group link aur rote-rote besudh ho jaoon. meree aankhen sajal ho gayeen. mere munh se jo katu shabd nikale the, vah sab jaise WhatsApp group link hee hrday mein gadane lage. isee dasha mein, jaise mamataamayee WhatsApp group link ne aakar mujhe god mein utha liya. baalapan mein jis vaatsaly ka aanand uthaane kee mujhamen shakti na thee, vah WhatsApp group link aaj mainne uthaaya.

 Hot Kerala Aunty WhatsApp group link band ho gaya. sab log uth-uthakar jaane lage. main kalpana-saagar mein hee dooba raha hoon.

sahasa jayadev ne pukaara- chalate ho, ya baithe hee rahoge?

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