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New delhi girls WhatsApp Group | Delhi girls whatsapp number (2020)

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New delhi girls WhatsApp Group

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New delhi girls WhatsApp Group | Delhi girls whatsapp number (2020)

New delhi girls WhatsApp Group Madhav refused to let me out of the house that these diseases have now been brought to foreign India as well.  I laugh, "You are crazy crazy!  Which foreigner are we going to be brought up with?  Yes, you do not start glancing at a white meme as you go. "

 New delhi girls WhatsApp Group  reached our Dharavi too.  Locked down all over the country.  Everything closed, Madhav's office closed, Saurabh Bhaiya's phone closed for us (might have been blocked).  Disha Di's phone had the same condition.  All big people are the same.  Householders would watch the news every day and would worry for their Champa and Madhav.  One day Madhav came from office and said to me, "We have to leave Dharavi immediately, that virus has also come here.  Watch the news!  Let's tie it up, today let's go to Saurabh Bhaiyya.  Here is going to be the hub of Corona. "

New delhi girls WhatsApp Group  things well at home and took me and Madhav Saurabh Bhaiya in a small suitcase.

New delhi girls WhatsApp Group  already reached his house by taking a taxi that there was a stir.  Saurabh Bhaiyya and sister-in-law both shouted loudly, “Why did you come?  That too from Dharavi, I had to call before coming.  Take your cab back home.  We don't allow anyone to come. "

New delhi girls WhatsApp Group , "What is this brother, brother?"  I had already told Saurabh that the peon's son is a brother. "  I and Madhav were left stunned.  When he called Baba from there, he said, “Champa Bitiya is very scared.  Shows Dharavi in ​​TV daily.  Bhola is also very upset for both of you, son.  Just come home somehow. "

New delhi girls WhatsApp Group approach the station.  I also had a bad state of mind, I insisted on going back to Dharavi.  I did not have one in front of Madhav's insistence.  On reaching the station somehow, we came to know that now we had become migrant laborers.  Madhav was very proud of his gold medal in economics and in these five years he had carved a niche in the heart of his factory owner.  The train buses were all closed due to the lockdown.  Madhav phoned the factory owner, for whom he was right-handed, there was no answer.  Due to repeated calls from 

New delhi girls WhatsApp Group .  At the railway station we found a group of migrant laborers, both of us were alone, there were small children with almost everyone.  Their owners had also turned away from them, but the owners who could not snatch them was their courage, their spirit.  We all decided to leave from there.  Many threw a lot of their belongings at the station itself, kept some empty food items and a big water canister.  Madhav used to sing well too, he started 

Delhi girls whatsapp number was it then, there was so much passion and songs.  In between, people used to shout, "Chhattisgarh sabale great." On the way many social workers also met who fed us with food only in exchange for dua.  There was some problem, but due to the continuous walking till night, we reached Nashik at around one o'clock in the night.  There was also an arrangement for our food and to stay in a government school.  Plain khichdi and wangya chi bhaji (brinjal vegetable) 

Delhi girls whatsapp number, everything looked like nectar.  Even we were all one.  At the behest of Madhav, shoes were also arranged for the people of our group of thirty people from the Lions Club in Nashik.  Our diaspora was the first batch of laborers, there was more enthusiasm among those who got on the way than our enthusiasm.  Seth Manik Chand's truck from Nashik was going to Bhusawal, he left all of us with a lot of food for Bhusawal in the same truck.  Because of singing and singing, the journey was not breaking our spirits even in such heat.  On the way, my two friends became friends. Both Jhumri and Premin worked in a factory in 

Delhi girls whatsapp number were farming children in the village.  The rest of the people were with the children, due to which they were all entangled in their children.  Madhav had become the leader of this group after being read and written.  The conversation that I had with Jhumri and Premin, made me cry.

 Delhi girls whatsapp number

 WhatsApp Group , "Oh madam man's caste is a dog."  When the mother stays in her stomach, the mother's intestine does not eat because she loves her mother but because she does not have teeth.  Very lucky to have got a husband like a deity. "

 WhatsApp Group  now Jhumri has not finished saying that Premin cut her point, “Madam Prem, remember mother we are the only women.  I am so happy in my village of stale Gondli Mirchi Kha  Hummer Douka and father-in-law take the fire to stay alive.  Jabdasti Haman La Seth sent to Bombay  Tell me, sister, bring the condition of our mind, who understands?  The Okar is the respect of the person who is in the house of Jaker;

 WhatsApp Group  shocked, where I am the dear Champa of both the families, and where these two ladies of the same environment are Premin and Jhumri.  After that she also told that the owners of the place where she worked used to physically exploit her, which was also known to her family members.  But the householders would be happy that on the day Seth was called, their earnings would be ten times the wages.  That night would haunt them for many days and they themselves would be very disgusted and frustrated with life.  But her husband and sometimes father-in-law would ask on the phone, "Seth Bulaay Rahis ka?"

WhatsApp Group  that if I committed suicide, then the attention of small children would come and all the money would go to home money order.  Jhumri and Premin had given up arms and had compromised their lives.  Now he had to pretend to love his husbands even in the holidays because vermilion used to fill his name as well.  The villagers, who used to send them money from Bombay, looked at them with respect.  The financial condition of their homes which had changed completely.  Right now there was an exchange of grief among the friends that all the men started singing, "Just cut the journey ......."

 WhatsApp Group , there was a lot of confusion in things.  Now the real worry started, after this the journey which was to be done.  In Bhusawal, Seth Manik Chand had arranged for food.  After this there was talk of walking again.  Children started crying, people's feet were blisters on the journey from Mumbai to Nashik.  But walking was our compulsion.  The distance from Bhusaval to Akola was about 158 ​​kilometers, after 50 kilometers, everyone started getting miserable.  People with children also started getting upset among themselves.  Those who had money, now also wanted to 

WhatsApp Group  their pockets for themselves.  There was a different irony with me.  Madhav began to falter, I touched and saw that his body was also hot.  My friends, Jhumri and Premin too left me.  People kept distance from us, we got stuck in Vadner Bholji village.  Indeed, we have come from the elite people living a good life into the category of migrant laborers.  Our torn blisters and dust-soaked feet, filthy crooked clothes and the smell of sweat coming from the body and Madhav's fever from above made us untouchable.  Even the simple heart villagers did not come to help us.  I kept standing on the road, trying to stop the vehicle every time it took hours to see if an angel came and somehow brought us to Akola, nothing could happen to my Madhav.

WhatsApp Group  a bird again for a while.  My irritation started to say to me, "Go fly in the open sky, leave me and my wings are withered."  I can not support you  Why are you putting your life at stake? "
 I am a bird, "I will not leave you.  Live and die with you as well. "

 WhatsApp Group , "Pagli is completely Pagli, you!  Why would you ruin yourself for me? "

 Then a truck stopped in front of the bird like a gust of wind.  The truck driver shouted, "Do you want to die?"

WhatsApp Group  as I came to my senses, I said, "Brother, coming from Mumbai, leave me to Akola."  I hid Madhav's fever.  That truck driver looked at me carefully from top to bottom.  His eyes got stuck on the bulge of my body.  I felt a bit scared but had no choice.  His face was also like a goth.  He asked me to sit in the seat next to him and shouted out loud, "Tell your Khasam to sleep on the back of the stuff."  O angry when I did Nankur, I started talking about leaving us.  Madhav looked at me pleasantly and pleaded to obey him in his eyes.  Once I felt that a strange man was looking at me with seductive eyes and my madhav became a madhava of mud, instead of being angry I am asking him to obey that goth.  The woman inside made a voice saying 'live like this too', 

WhatsApp Group  only then Savitri inside came to dominate Champa guarding her destiny.  Probably nothing can be found after this, at least only by taking pity on my commissioning body, we are giving shelter in our truck.  If we delay, Madhav's condition worsens, then perhaps the ghost of my kamasin body will also come out of his eyes.  I sat in front with the truck driver and put Madhav to sleep.  The truck started moving, the girl whose name could be Ram, Mushtaq or Peter could have inserted her left hand directly inside my blouse and started playing with my breasts.  I thought I should jump down from the truck.

 WhatsApp Group  then it was felt that my Madhav is behind and ill I have to become Savitri.  I remembered Lord Krishna's teachings of the Gita that the body is mortal and the soul is immortal.  If this bastard also pollutes my body, then my soul is my Madhav's.  I wish here we could sing, "This way will be cut…" When I closed my eyes, a loud growling sound came, "Open your eyes!  Got it right here.  Then stay here, rot with your husband. "

 WhatsApp Group  not only Madhav's wife but mother also became and thought that Madhav's life is more valuable than my honor.  Rendered himself to the situation  I did not want to force Madhav, my protector, nor did I want to let a sense of inferiority come in him.  If it had not worked, it would have taken us off.  She was the daughter of a postman and a daughter-in-law of a peon but had never found herself so compelled in her life.  I gently told the goth, "I am ready, but do it so that my husband does not get a clue."  He will live and die, do everything fast and leave us Akola. "

 He chuckled, "This happened na baat."

 He stopped the car and I said to Madhav, "You stay in the truck, I bring water from the nearby tap."

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