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18+ Letest Whatsapp group links || adult whatsapp group links 2020

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18+ Letest Whatsapp group links list

18+ Letest Whatsapp group links || adult whatsapp group links 2020

adult whatsapp  group links the age of twelve when he fed his child. A lot of time passed after that. The young child got out of Raicharan's lap and entered the school, reached the college from the school, then moved to a government place. But Raicharan still used to feed the child, this child was the son of Babu, a well-suited child in his lap.

18+ Letest Whatsapp group links on his knees. When Raicharan ran and caught him, he would cry and kill Raicharan with his little hands.

 adult whatsapp  group links  would laugh and say - Our brother will also grow up to be a judge - when he calls Raicharan as Channa, his heart would be very happy. He would become a horse with both hands on the earth and the child rode on his back.

 adult whatsapp  group links  days, the favorable Babu changed into a district on the banks of the Paraiya river. On his way to the new place, from Calcutta he bought a small beautiful carriage for his child, besides valuable jewelery and clothes.

adult whatsapp  group links  rainy season. It was raining for many days. Clouds burst while doing god-god. It was evening. The child begged to go outside. Raicharan took him out in the car. The fields were full of water. The child insisted on seeing a bunch of flowers, Raicharan wanted to entertain him but he did not believe. Constrained Raicharan started breaking flowers in his knees to keep the mind of the child.

 adult whatsapp  group links  many places, his feet got badly mired in mud. The child sat in the car a little while silent, then turned his attention to the waving river. He secretly landed from the car. There was a wood nearby, picked it up and reached the banks of the terrible river and started playing with its waves. In the noise of the river, it seemed that the playful and mouthful waters of the river were calling the beautiful child to play with them.

 adult whatsapp  group links  Raicharan came back with flowers, he saw the car empty. He looked around, the earth came out from under his feet. Started looking around like crazy. He used to call the child again and again, but in the north there was no sweet sound of 'Channa'.

 adult whatsapp  group links  was darkness all around. The child's mother started worrying. He ran men around. Some people reached the banks of the river carrying lanterns. Raicharan fell at his feet upon seeing him. He started asking questions to him, but he used to say the same in the answer to each question - I do not know anything.

 adult whatsapp  group links  it was the opinion of every person that the river Paraiya has hidden the small child in its area, but still various doubts were arising in the heart. One is that on the same evening a group of exiles had left the city and the mother suspected that Raicharan might not have sold the child to the exile. She took Raicharan aside and begged him to say - Raicharan, take as much money as you want from me, but return my child to me after feeling pity for God.

 adult whatsapp  group links  Raicharan could not give any answer, he was silent only by hitting his hand on the forehead.

 adult whatsapp  group links mistress drove her out of the house in a state of anger and anger. Sufient Babu explained a lot to the wife but the doubts did not go away from the mother's heart. She kept saying the same thing- My child was wearing gold jewelery, of course he…

 adult whatsapp  group links  returned to his village. He had no child nor any possibility of having children. But at the end of the year, a son was born to his house; But the wife died in the sutika-griha. There was a widowed sister in the house. He took the burden of raising the child on himself.

 adult whatsapp  group links  the child started walking on his knees, he would go out after saving the eyes of the family. When Raicharan ran and caught him, he would hit him with finesse. At that time, in front of Raicharan's eyes, he would go back to the face of his little owner who was lost in the waves of the river Paraiyaan.

 adult whatsapp  group links  child's tongue opened, he used to say 'Baba' to the father and 'maternal uncle' to the aunt in the manner in which the young owner of Raicharan used to speak. Raicharan gets shocked by his voice. She was confident that her master was born in her house.

 adult whatsapp  group links  had three proofs to determine this idea. One is that he was born shortly after the death of the little master. Secondly, his wife had grown and there was no hope of child-birth. Thirdly, the manner of speaking of the child and all its expressions were similar to the little owner.

 adult whatsapp  group links  was always involved in the child's care. He was afraid that his little master would disappear again. He brought a cart for the child and got his wife's jewelery sold and got the jewelery made for the child. He used to sit in a car and take him out for air intake every day.

 18+ Letest Whatsapp group links, the days passed and the child grew up. But he was very upset in this pampering. Does not talk directly to anyone. The village boys used to tease him by calling him Lat Sahab.

 18+ Letest Whatsapp group links the boy became educated, Raicharan came to Calcutta after selling his small land. He searched for jobs by running and got Falan admitted to school. He had full faith that growing up would definitely become a judge.

18+ Letest Whatsapp group links time the age of function has become twelve years. Now he could read and write a lot. His health was good and the appearance was also good. He used to have a lot of concern about make-up as well. When the mirror is making hair with the hand in it.

 18+ Letest Whatsapp group links was also very wasteful. The father's entire income would have been spent in luxury. Raicharan loved him like a father, but often he treated the boy like a servant with a boss. Even his function did not consider him a father. The second thing was that Raicharan did not even reveal himself as the father of the function.

 18+ Letest Whatsapp group links students of the hostel ridiculed Raicharan's malaise and also joined him.

 18+ Letest Whatsapp group links all the money that Raicharan had received by selling the land was now exhausted. His simple salary was low for the expenses of the function. He often quarreled with his father for pocket money and luxury material and good clothes.

 18+ Letest Whatsapp group links all, a tactic came in the mind of Raicharan, he left the job and handed over the remaining money he had to Phalan and said - Phalan, I am going to the village with a necessary task, I will come back very soon. You do not have to worry about anything.

 18+ Letest Whatsapp group links

 18+ Letest Whatsapp group links went straight to the place where Suchit Babu was on the position of judge. He had no other child, so his wife used to be worried all the time.

 18+ Letest Whatsapp group links Babu came back from the office and was seated in a chair and his wife was buying herbs from a marketer for her child care.

 18+ Letest Whatsapp group links a long time, she was surprised to see her old servant Raicharan, considering the old services, he felt pity for Raicharan and asked him- Do you want to do the job again?

 18+ Letest Whatsapp group links smilingly replied - I want to touch the feet of my mistress.

 18+ Letest Whatsapp group links Babu came out of the room after hearing Raicharan's voice. Seeing the appearance of Raicharan, his heartache was refreshed and he turned his face.

 18+ Letest Whatsapp group links addressed the friendly Babu and said - Sarkar, I did not steal your child, but I was stolen by Pariya.

 Whatsapp group links Babu said with surprise- what are you saying, is my child really alive?

 Whatsapp group links wife jumped up and said- Tell me where is my child?

 Whatsapp group links said- You have satisfaction, your child is still with me at this time.

 Whatsapp group links Babu's wife pleaded highly with Raicharan and said- Tell me.

 Whatsapp group links said- I will bring him the day after tomorrow.

 Whatsapp group links

 It was Sunday. The judge was waiting for Whatsapp group links with restlessness in his house. Sometimes he used to walk around the room and sometimes sat in a comfortable chair for a short time. Finally around ten o'clock, Raicharan entered the room holding Falan's hand.

 Whatsapp group links seeing the favorable family home of Babu, like lovers, he leapt towards him and hugged him very loudly. A sea of ​​tears rose from his eyes. Sometimes she would love him, sometimes she would start to wonder. The function was beautiful and his clothes were also good. Friendly Babu's heart also gave birth to a son-love charge, but just a little later, his father-love was replaced by Law Bhavna and he asked Raicharan - what is the Whatsapp group links that this child is mine?

 Whatsapp group links replied - what should I answer? No one except the Supreme God can know that I stole your child.

 Whatsapp group links the favorable Babu saw that his wife was engaged with Fallen, then it is futile to ask for proof. Apart from this, he came to know where this boar could find such a beautiful child and what could be the benefit of lying.

 Whatsapp group links he remembered his old servant's impudence and said in legal posture - Raicharan, now you cannot live here.

 Whatsapp group links said coldly and said - Government, now where should I go. I am old, now I will not have any servant. Let God stand at your door.

 Whatsapp group links Babu's wife said- Let it be, what is our loss? Our child will also be happy to see it.

 Whatsapp group links the legal vein of Suchit Babu was flared. He immediately replied - No, its guilt cannot be forgiven at all.

 Whatsapp group links, while holding the feet of the favorable Babu said, Sarkar, do not expel me, I did not steal your child but God had stolen it.

 Whatsapp group links friendly Babu became more angry on this matter of boor. He said - No, now I cannot believe you. You are grateful to me.

 Whatsapp group links then said - Government, nothing is my crime.

 Whatsapp group links Babu insisted on the Taurians and said - then whose crime is this?

 Raicharan replied - of my fate.

 Whatsapp group links an educated person cannot accept the existence of luck.

 When Phalan came to know that he was Whatsapp group links the son of a rich man, he too got angry at Raicharan's efforts to keep him in trouble for so many days. Seeing Raicharan, he felt pity as well and he said to the friendly Babu- Father, forgive it. If you do not want to keep it with you, then make a little pension of it.

 Whatsapp group links hearing this, Raicharan, after seeing his son for the last time, went out of the friendly Babu's cell and went quietly somewhere.

 At the end of the month, the favorable Babu sent some money to the village of Raicharan but the money order came back because there was no person of this nameraayacharan baarah varsh kee aayu se apane maalik ka naukaracha khilaane par naukar hua tha. usake pashchaataap mein kaaphee samay beet gaya. nanha kaincha raayachar kee god se nikalakar skool mein pravesh hua, skool se kolij mein pravesh, phir ek sarakaaree sthaan par lagaaye. kintu raayacharan ab bhee kaancha khilaata tha, yah gaancha usakee god ke paale hue anukool baaboo ka beta tha.

chaayacha ghutanon ke bal chalakar baahar nikal jaata hai. jab raayacharan daudakar usako pakadata to vah rota aur apane nanhe-nanhe haathon se raayacharan ko maarata.

raayacharan hansakar kahate hain- hamaara bhaiya bhee bada hokar jaj saahab banega- jab vah raayanch ko channa kahakar pukaarata to usaka dil bahut harshit hota hai. vah donon haath prthvee par tekakar ghoda ban jaata hai aur chaacha usakee peeth par savaar ho jaata hai.

usee din anukool baaboo kee badalee pariyaan nadee ke kinaare ek jile mein ho gaee. nae sthaan kee or jaate hue kalakate se unhonne apane bachche ke lie moolyavaan gahane aur kapadon ke atirikt ek chhotee-see sundar gaadee bhee khareedee.

varsha rtu thee. kaee dinon se moosalaadhaar varsha ho rahee thee. eeshvar-eeshvar karate baadal phate. sandhya ka samay tha. bachche ne baahar jaane ke lie anurodh kiya. raayacharan use gaadee mein bithaakar baahar le gae. kheton mein paanee ka bhara hua tha. bachche ne phoolon ka guchchha dekhakar jid kee, raayacharan ne use bahalaana chaaha kintu vah na maana. vivash raayacharan bachche ka man rakhane ke lie ghutanon-ghutanon ke paanee mein phool todane laga.

kaee sthaanon par usake paanv kee choree mein buree tarah dhans gaye. chaayacha tanik der maun gaadee mein baitha raha, phir usaka dhyaan laharaatee huee nadee kee or gaya. vah chupake se gaadee se utara. paas hee ek lakadee padee thee, utha lee aur bhayaanak nadee ke tat par pahunchakar usakee laharon se khelane laga. nadee ke shor mein aisa maaloom hota tha ki nadee kee chanchal aur mukhajor jal-pariyaan sundar bachche ko apane saath khelane ke lie bula rahee hain.

raayacharan phool lekar vaapas aaya to dekha gaadee khaalee hai. usane idhar-udhar dekha, pairon ke neeche se dharatee nikal gaee. paagalon kee bhaanti chahun or dekhane laga. vah baar-baar bachche ka naam lekar pukaarata tha lekin uttar mein channa kee madhur dhvani na aatee thee.

chaaron or andhara chha gaya. bachche kee maata-pita ko chinta hone lagee. usane chaaron or se aadamee daudaaye. kuchh vyakti laalaten hetu hue nadee ke kinaare khoj karane pahunche. raayacharan unhen dekhakar unake charanon mein gir gae. unhonne savaal karane ke saath aarambh kiya ki lekin vah pratyek prashn ke uttar mein yahee kahata hai-mujhe kuchh maaloom nahin hai.

yadyapi pratyek vyakti kee yah sammati thee ki chhote bachche ko paradesh nadee ne apane aanchal mein chhipa liya hai kintu phir bhee hrday mein vibhinn prakaar kee shankaayen utpann ho rahee theen. ek yah ki usee sandhya ko nirvaasiton ka ek samooh nagar se gaya tha aur maan ko sandeh tha ki raayacharan ne kaheen bachche ko nirvaasit ke haathon na bech diya ho. vah raayacharan ko alag le gaee aur usake saath vinatee karate hue kahane lagee-raayacharan, tum mujhe jaisee chaaho le lo, kintu paramaatma ke lie meree dasha par taras khaakar mera naukaracha mujheko vaapas kar do.

lekin raayachar kuchh uttar na de sake, keval maathe par haath maarakar maun ho gae.

svaaminee ne gussa aur aavesh kee dasha mein usako ghar se-baahar nikaal diya. anukool babaloo ne patnee ko bahut nirdisht kiya kintu maata ke hrday se shankaen door na hueen. vah baraabar kahatee ja rahee hai ki- mera maalikacha sone ke gahane pahane hue tha, nishchit roop se ...

raayacharan apane gaanv vaapas chale aae. use koee santaan na thee aur na hee santaan hone kee koee sambhaavana thee. us varsh ke samaapan par usake ghar bete ne janm liya; lekin patnee sootika-ghar mein hee mar gaee. ghar mein ek vidhava bahan thee usane bachche ke paalan-poshan ka bhaar apane oopar liya.

jab chaacha ghutanon ke bal chalane lage, to vah ghar vaalon kee najar bacha kar baahar nikal jaata hai. raayacharan jab use daudakar pakadata to vah chanchalata se usako maarata. us samay raayacharan ke netron ke saamane apane us nanhen maalik kee soorat phir jaatee jo par nadee kee laharon mein lupt ho gaee thee.

bachche kee bolee khulee to vah baap ko baaba aur bua ko maama is tareeke se kahata tha jo dhang se raayacharan ka nanha maalik bolata tha. raayacharan usakee aavaaj se chaunk uthata hai. use poorn vishvaas tha ki usake maalik ne usake ghar mein janm liya hai.

is vichaar ko nirdhaarit karane ke lie usake paas teen pramaan the. ek to yah ki vah nanhe maalik kee maut ke thode hee samay pashchaat utpann hua. doosara yah ki usakee patnee vrdhd ho gaee thee aur santaan-utpatti kee koee aasha na thee. teesara yah ki bachche ke bolane ka dhang aur usakee sampoorn bhaav-bhangimaen nanhe maalik se milatee-julatee theen.

vah har samay bachchon kee dekh-bhaal mein sanlagn rahata hai. use dar tha ki usaka nanha maalik phir kaheen gaayab ho jae. vah bachche ke lie ek gaadee laaya aur apanee patnee ke gahane bechakar bachche ke lie gahane banava die. vah use gaadee mein bithaakar pratidin vaayu-sevan ke lie baahar le jaatee thee.

dheere-dheere din beetate chale gae aur bachcha sayaana ho gae. lekin is laad-chaav mein vah bahut bigad gaya tha. kisee se seedhe munh baat na karata hai. gaanv ke ladake use laat saahab kahakar chhedakhaanee karate hain.

jab ladaka shiksha-yogy hua to raayanch apanee chhotee-see jameen bechakar kalakatta aa gaya. usane daud-dhoop karake naukaree khojee aur phalan ko skool mein daakhil karava diya. usako poorn vishvaas tha ki bada hokar phalan avashy jaj banega.

hote-hote ab phalan kee aayu baarah varsh ho gaee. ab vah bahut likhata-padh sakata tha. usaka svaasthy achchha tha aur soorat-shakl bhee achchhee thee. usako banaav- shrrngaar kee bhee badee thandakata rahatee thee. jab dekho darpan haath mein lie baal bana raha hai.

vah apavyayee bhee bahut tha. pita kee saaree aay vyarth kee vilaas-saamagree mein vyay kar detee hai. raayacharan ke saath prem to pita kee bhaanti karata tha, kintu vareeyata: usaka bartaav us ladake se aisa hee tha jaise bos ke saath naukar ka hota hai. usaka phalan bhee use pita na samajhata tha. doosaree baat yah thee ki raayacharan svayan ko phalan ka pita prakat bhee na karata tha.

chhaatraavaas ke chhaatr raayacharan ke ganvaarapan ka upahaas karate aur phalan bhee unheen ke saath sammilit ho jaate hain.

raayacharan ne jameen bechakar jo kuchh rupaya praapt kiya tha vah ab lagabhag saara samaapt ho chuka tha. usaka saadhaaran vetan phalan ke kharchon ke lie kam tha. vah praathamikata: apane pita se jeb kharch aur vilaas kee saamagree aur achchhe-achchhe kapadon ke lie jhagadata rahata tha.

aakhirakaar ek yukti raayacharan ke mastishk mein aaee usane naukaree chhod dee aur usake paas jo kuchh shesh bacha tha phalan ko saumpakar bola- phalan, main ek aavashyak kaary se gaanv ja raha hoon, bahut jald vaapas aa jaoonga. aap kisee baat se ghabaraana nahin.


raayacharavard us sthaan par pahunch gaya jahaan anukool baaboo jaj ke ohade par lage hue the. unaka aur koee doosara santaan na tha is kaaran unakee patnee har samay chintit rahatee thee.

anukool baaboo kachaharee se vaapas aakar kursee par baithe hue the aur unakee patnee santaanotpatti ke lie baajaaroo dava bechane vaale se jadee-bootiyaan khareed rahee thee.

kaaphee dinon ke pashchaat vah apane vrdhd naukar raayacharan ko dekhakar aashcharyachakit huee, puraanee sevaon ka vichaar karake thako raayanch par taras aa gaya aur usase poochha- kya tum phir naukaree karana chaahate ho?

raayacharan ne muskaraakar uttar diya- main apanee maalakin ke charan chhoona chaahata hoon.

anukool baaboo raayacharan kee aavaaj sunakar kamare se nikal aaye. raayacharan kee shakl dekhakar unake kaleje ka jakhm taaja ho gaya aur unhonne pramukh pher liya.

raayacharan ne anukool baaboo ko sambodhit karake kaha- sarakaar, aapake bachche ko pariyaan ne nahin, balki mainne churaaya tha.

anukool baaboo ne aashchary se kaha- aap yah kya kah rahe hain, kya mera kaincha vaastav mein jinda hai?

usakee patnee ne apalakar kaha- bhagavaan ke lie kaho mera bachchaacha kahaan hai?

raayacharan ne kaha- aap santosh rakhen, aapaka chanchal is baar bhee mere paas hai.

anukool baaboo kee patnee ne raayanch se atyadhik vinatee karate hue kaha- mujhe dikhao.

raayacharan ne kaha- main use parason le aaoonga.


ravivaar ka din tha. jaj saahab apane gharon mein bechainee se raayacharan kee prateeksha kar rahe the. kabhee vah kamare mein idhar-udhar tahalane lagatee hai aur kabhee kuchh samay ke lie aaraam-kursee par baith jaatee hai. aakhir das baje ke lagabhag raayacharan ne phalan ka haath pakade hue kamare mein pravesh kiya.

anukool baaboo kee gharavaalee phalan ko dekhata hee deevaanon kee bhaanti usakee or lapakee aur use bade jor se gale laga liya gaya. unake netron se ashruon ka samudr umad pada tha. kabhee vah thaako pyaar karatee hai, kabhee aashchary se usakee soorat tak chalatee hai. phalan sundar tha aur usake kapade bhee achchhe the. anukool baaboo ke dil mein bhee bete-prem ka aavesh utpann hua, lekin jara-see der ke baar unake pitr-prem ka sthaan kaanoon bhaavana ne le liya aur unhonne raayacharan se poochha-bhala isaka pramaan kya hai ki yah kaincha mera hai?

raayacharan ne uttar diya- isaka uttar main kya doon sarakaar! yah baat ka gyaan to paramaatma ke sivaay aur kisee ko nahin ho sakata tha ki main hee aapaka sahaaraacharaaya tha.

jab anukool babaloo ne dekha ki unakee patnee phalan ko kaleje se lagaaye hue hai to pramaan maangana vyarth hai. isake atirikt unhen dhyaan aaya ki yah ganvaar ko aisee sundar baalacha kahaan mil sakatee thee aur jhooth bolane se kya laabh ho sakata hai.

sahasa unhen apane vrdhd naukar kee bedhyaanee yaad aa gaee aur kaanoonee mudra mein bole-raayacharan, ab aap yahaan nahin rahenge.

raayacharan ne thandee thaans bharakar kaha-sarakaar, ab main kahaan jaoon. boodha ho gaya hoon, ab mujhe koee naukar bhee na le sakata hai. bhagavaan ke lie apane dvaar par pada rahane dena.

anukool baaboo kee patnee bolee- rahane vaale, hamaara kya nukasaan hai? hamaaree chanchal bhee ise dekhakar prasann hogee.

kintu anukool baaboo kee kaanoonee nas bhadakee huee thee. unhonne turant uttar diya-nahin, isaka aparaadh bilkul kshama nahin kiya ja sakata hai.

raayacharan ne anukool baaboo ke paanv pakadate hue kaha- sarakaar, mujhe na nikaalie, mainne aapaka rojagaar nahin churaaya tha, balki paramaatma ne churaaya tha.

anukool baaboo ko ganvaar kee is baat par aur bhee adhik gussa aa gaya. bole-nahin, ab main aap par vishvaas nahin kar sakata. aap mere saath upahaaraghnata kee hai.

raayacharan ne phir kaha- sarakaar, mera kuchh aparaadh nahin.

anukool baaboo tyauriyon par bal daalakar kahane lage- to phir kisaka aparaadh hai?

raayacharan ne uttar diya- mera bhaagy ka.

sammaanit vyakti bhaagy ka astitv sveekaar nahin kar sakata.

phalan ko jab maaloom hua ki vah vaastav mein ek dhanee vyakti ka beta hai to use bhee raayacharan kee is cheshta par gussa aaya, ki usane itane dinon tak kyon use ghaayal karake rakha. phir raayachar ko dekhakar use daya bhee aa gaee aur usane anukool baaboo se kaha- pitaajee, isako maaph kar deejie. yadi aap isako apane saath nahin rakhana chaahate hain to isakee thodee penshan kar den.

itana sunane ke baad raayacharan apane bete ko antim baar dekhakar anukool baaboo kee kothee se nikalakar chupachaap kaheen chala gaya.

maheene samaapt hone par anukool baaboo ne raayacharan ke gaanv ko kuchh paise bheje kintu maneea aadesh vaapas aa gaya kyonki gaanv mein ab is naam ka koee vyakti na tha. in the village anymore.

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