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hot Aunty Whatsapp group link 

Aunty Whatsapp group links

  * Aarti Pur people after spending one day.
  Where there is so much thinking, Nari nar kras, tan ram biog

hot Aunty Whatsapp group link

hot Aunty Whatsapp group link  for the period of Shri Ramji's return, so the people of the city are becoming very impatient.  In the disconnection of Rama, the thin men and women are thinking (thinking) (what is the reason why Shri Ramji did not come).

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hot Aunty Whatsapp group link  heart pleases everyone.
  Prabhu Agwan Janav Nagar Janu Nagar Ramya Chahoon Fer॥

hot Aunty Whatsapp group link

  Meaning: In this way everyone started getting beautiful and everyone's heart became happy.  The city also became beautiful from all four sides.  As if all these signs are marking the (auspicious) arrival of the Lord.

hot Aunty Whatsapp group link

hot Aunty Whatsapp group link  mana ananda as ho
  Ayu Prabhu Shri Anuj Jut Kahan Chahat Ab Koi

  Spirituality: Kausalya etc. is becoming such a joy in the minds of all the mothers as if someone wants to say that Lord Sri Ramachandra along with Sita and Lakshmanji have come.

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hot Aunty Whatsapp group link  Farqat Twelve times.
  Jani Sagun Mana Harsha Lage Lage Karan Bichar॥

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  Meaning: - Bharatji's right eye and right arm are bursting repeatedly.  Seeing this as an auspicious thing, they were very happy and they started thinking -
  * Stayed for one day.  Unfortunate mind, fear and fear
  Karan Kavan Nath did not come.  Jani Kutil Kiddhaun Mohi Bisaraiu ॥1॥

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  hot Aunty Whatsapp group link  remains of the base form period of the teachings.  Bharatji felt immense grief at the thought of this.  What is the reason that Nath did not come?  Knowing the crooked God has not forgotten me? ॥1॥

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  * Ahh Blessed Lachhiman Badabhagi.  Ram Padarbindu Anuragi 4
  Insidious crooked Mohi Prabhu Chinaha.  Taate Nath Sang Nahin Leenha ॥2॥

  Meaning: - Ah ha!  Lakshmana is very blessed and great, who is the lover of Shri Ramchandraji's Charanaravind (ie, did not separate from him).  God recognized me as hypocritical and devious, that is why Nath did not take me with him.

  * Jaundice is done by Samurai Prabhu Mori.  Nahin nistar kalap sat kori 4
  Jan avagun prabhu maan na kau  Deen Bandhu Ati Mridul Subhau ॥3॥

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  Sense: It is also right, because) if God pays attention to my actions, then even for hundred crores (innumerable) kalpas, I cannot get rid of (but hope is enough), Lord servant's demerit ever  Do not believe.  They are Deenbandhu and very tender in nature ॥3॥

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  * More people are asleep.  Milihhin Ram Sagun Subh Hoi
  Eliminate the duration of life  Adham Kavan Jag Mohi Samana ॥4॥

  Meaning: Therefore, in my heart, there is such a firm belief that Shri Ramji will surely meet, (because) I am getting very good, but if my life remains after the period, then who will be like me in the world?  ॥4॥

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  * Ram Birh Sagar, Bharat Bharat Magan Mana Hot
  Bipr Rup Dhari Pawansut I Gayu Janu Vessel ॥1

  Meaning: Bharati's mind was drowning in the sea against Shri Ramji, at the same time, Pawanputra Hanumanji came in the form of a Brahmin, as if the boat had come (to save him from drowning) (1 (a)॥

  * Seated watching Kusasana Jata Mukut Kras Gat॥
  Ram Ram Raghupati Japat Sravat Nayan Jalajat ॥1b॥

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  Meaning: - Hanumanji made the weak body Bharatji the crown of the Jatas, Ram!  RAM!  Raghupati!  Japate and lotus like eyes (Premashru) water flowing while sitting on the seat of Kush seen ॥1 (b)॥

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  * See Hanuman Ati Harsheu.  Pulak Gat Lochan Jal Barsheu
  The mind felt very happy like this.  Boleau Shravan Sudha Sama Bani ॥1॥

  Meaning: - Hanumanji was very happy on seeing him.  His body became pulsed, water started pouring in from the eyes (of Premashru).  Considered happiness in the mind in many ways, he uttered a voice like nectar for ears.

  * Jasu Birhan Sochhu Din Rati.  Rathu continuous gun gun
  Raghukul Tilak Sujan Sukhdata.  Ayu Kusal Dev Muni Trata ॥2॥

  Meaning: In whose contrast you are thinking (dissolving) day and night and whose qualities you keep rote in rows of groups, it is Tilak of Raghukul, the one who hurts gentlemen and the protector of gods and sages, Shri Ramji Sakushal.  Have come ॥2॥

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  * Ripu Run Jiti Sujas Sur Gawat.  Anuj Prabhu Awata with Sita
  Sunaat Bachhan got destroyed  Trishwant Jimi Pai Piyusha ॥3॥

  Bhaarthar: Prabhu, along with Sitaji and Lakshmanji are coming after winning Shatru in the battle, the gods are singing their beautiful fame.  On hearing these words (to Bharatji), he forgot all the sorrows.  For example, a thirsty man forgets the sorrow of thirst after getting the nectar.

  * Where did you come to?  Let me tell you my dear beloved child.
  Marut Sut main Kapi Hanuman  Namu Mor Sunu Kripanidhana ॥4॥

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  18 + Aunty Whatsapp group links Tat!  Who are you?  Where else have you come from?  (Which) you have told me (these) utmost dear (very pleasing) words.  (Hanumanji said) O Kripadhanan!  Listen, I am the son of Pawan and the monkey of the caste, my name is Hanuman ॥4॥.

18 + Aunty Whatsapp group links
 Kinkar.  Sunarat Bharat Bhenteau Uti Regards॥
  Millat love does not fit my heart.  Nayan Source Water Pulkit Sings ॥5॥

  18 + Aunty Whatsapp group links of Shri Raghunathji, the brother of the poor.  Hearing this, Bharatji got up and hugged Hanumanji respectfully.  Love does not get in the heart while meeting.  Water started flowing from the eyes (of tears of joy and love) and the body became pulsed ॥5॥

18 + Aunty Whatsapp group links last half century.  Meet Azumohi Ram Pirite
  Muddling repeatedly.  Then I should tell you listen to this brother ॥6॥

  18 + Aunty Whatsapp group links Hanuman- With your vision all my sorrows are finished (sorrows are over).  (As you) Today I have found the beloved Ramji.  Bharatji repeatedly asked Kushal (and said-) O brother!  Listen, (in exchange for this auspicious dialogue), what should I give you? ॥6॥

18 + Aunty Whatsapp group links.  Don't see my thoughts
  Nahin tat urin i tohi.  Now Lord Charit Sunavahu Mohi ॥7॥

18 + Aunty Whatsapp group links similar to this message (material to be given in exchange for this), I have considered this thought.  (Therefore) O Tat!  I cannot borrow from you in any way.  Now tell me the character of God (Hall) ॥7॥

18 + Aunty Whatsapp group links.  Say sakal raghupati gun saga
  Kahu Kapi Kabhu Kripal Gosain  Like Sumirahin Mohi Das ॥8॥

18 + Aunty Whatsapp group links whole story of Shri Raghunathji by bowing at the feet of Bharatji.  (Bharatji asked-) Hey Hanuman!  Say, Kripalu Swami Shri Whatsapp group links, do you ever remember me as your slave? ॥8॥

Whatsapp group links Raghubanshubhan Kabhu Mum Sumiran Kario.
  SUNI Whatsapp group links BACHAN Whatsapp group links AT CUPI COOL Whatsapp group links FULL Whatsapp group links
  Raghubir nij mukh jasu gun Whatsapp group links kahat ag Whatsapp group links nath jo.
  Why should you not be a Baneet Param Punit Sadgun Sindhu

Whatsapp group links Raghuvansh, Shri Ramji, Whatsapp you ever Whatsapp me like your Whatsapp group links  Hearing the very humble words of Bharatji, Hanumanji fell on his feet as a pulkit body Whatsapp group links began to think in mind) that the lord of the pasture, Shri Raghuveer whose qualities he describes to his Shrimukh, Bharata is such a Whatsapp group links, supremely holy and  Why not have seas of virtues?

  * Ram Pran Dear Nath Tum Satya Bachaan Mam Taat.
  Puni Punarit Bharat
  Bhaartarth :-( Hanumanji said-) O Nath!  You love Shri Ramji like a soul, O Tat!  My word is true  Hearing this, Bharatji meets again and again, there is no joy in the heart ॥2 (a)॥
  * Bharat Charan Siru Nai Turit Gayu Kapi Ram Pahin.
  Wherever you go, everyone goes away, God knows, चढ़2b

  Bhaartarth: - After bowing his head at the feet of Bharatji, Hanumanji immediately went (returned) to Shri Ramji and he went and said everything.  Then the Lord rejoiced and went on board the plane ॥2 (b)॥

  * Harshi Bharata came to Kosalpur.  All news should be preached.
  Puni Mandir was very famous  Avat Nagar Kusal Raghurai ॥1॥

  Bhaartarth: - Here Bharatji also came to Ayodhyapuri with joy and told all the news to Guruji!  Then in the palace, news was made that Shri Raghunathji was coming to the city efficiently ॥1॥

  * Sunat Sakal Jannani was right.  Say Prabhu Kusal Bharat Samuzhi
  Get news stories.  Nar aru nari harishi sabhi dhaye ॥2॥

  Sense: All the mothers got up as soon as they heard the news.  Bharatji explained to everyone by calling him Lord's master.  When the residents of the city got this news, the men and women all ran cheerfully ॥2॥
  * Dadhi Durba Rochan flourished.  Nav Tulsi Dal Mangal Moola
  Bhari Bhari Hem Thar Bhamini.  Gavat chalin sindurgamini ॥3॥

  Spirituality :-( To welcome Shri Ramji) Curd, dube, gorochan, fruits, flowers, and the original Naveen Tulsidal of Mangal, etc., filled the gold plate and sang the fortunate women with the hand of the elephant (carrying them).  3

  * J like how they rise.  Where are the children growing up?
  Say one and only, brother.  See you Dayal Raghurai ॥4॥

  Meaning: As they are (where they are), they run up from there (in the same condition).  (For fear of being late) do not bring children and old men together.  Ask each other- Brother!  Have you seen kind Mr. Raghunathji? ॥4॥

  * Avadhpuri Prabhu Awati Jani.  Bhai Sakal Sobha Kai Khani॥
  Bahi Suhavan Tribidh Sameera.  Bhai Sarju Very Clean Neera ॥5॥

  Bhaarthar: Avadhpuri became a mine of complete beauty knowing that Prabhu came.  All three types of beautiful air started flowing.  Saryuji became very clean water.  (That is, the water of Saryuji became very clean) ॥5॥
  * Harikshit Gur family including Anuj Bhusur Brind.
  Chale Bharat mind love very favorable Kripaniket क3

  Bhaartarth: - Cheering with Guru Vasishthaji, Kutumbi, younger brother Shatrughna and a group of Brahmins, Bharatji walked with great love to Kripadham Sri Ramji i.e. to receive him. (3)

  * A lot of climbed attarinh nirkhhin gagan biman.
  See sweet melodious karhin sumangal song ॥3b॥

  Sense: A lot of women climbed the attic, looking at the plane in the sky and seeing it, they were happy and singing a beautiful Mars song with sweet voice. ॥3 (b)॥

  * Raka Sasi Raghupati Pur Sindhu Dekhi Harshan.
  Carry clamor Janu Nari Tarang like ग3 c

  Meaning: - Shri Raghunathji is the moon of the full moon and Avadhpur is the sea, which is glad to see that full moon and is growing noisy (running here and there), the women look like her waves ॥3 (c)॥

  * Bhanukul Kamal Diwakar here.  Kapinh Dekhwat Nagar Manohar
  Sunu Kapis Angad Lankesa.  Holy Puri Ruchir Ye Desa ॥1॥

  Spirituality: - Here (from the plane), Surya Shri Ramji, who thrives the lotus in the form of Sun, is showing the apes to Manohar Nagar.  (They say-) O Sugriva!  Hey Angad!  Hey Lankapati Vibhishan!  listen.  This Puri is sacred and this country is beautiful ॥1॥

  * Jyadipi Sab Baikuntha Bakhana.  Bed Puran Bidit Jagu Jana
  Awadhpuri is not so dear  Know this topic Kou Kou ॥2॥

  Bhaartarth: - Though everyone has praised Vaikuntha - It is famous in Vedas and Puranas and knows the world, but like Avadhpuri, I do not love that one either.  Many people (rarely) know this (॥2॥)

  * Janmabhoomi Mum Puri Suhavni.  Answer: Bahru Sarju Pavani 4
  Ja majjan te binhin Prayasa.  Maa nam male pawahin bassa ॥3॥

  Meaning: - This hot Aunty Whatsapp group link  Puri is my birthplace.  To its north flows the river Saryu, which purifies the hot Aunty Whatsapp group link  hot Aunty Whatsapp group link , in hot Aunty Whatsapp group link , without bathing, the human beings get to live near me (hard work liberation) without hard hot Aunty Whatsapp group link  ॥3॥.

  * Very hot Aunty Whatsapp group link  Mohi hot Aunty Whatsapp group link  stale.  Mama Dhamda Puri Sukh Rasi 4
  Harshee sub paani suni bani  hot Aunty Whatsapp group link  Awadh Joe Ram Bakhani ॥4॥

Popular hot Aunty Whatsapp group link  || 18 + Aunty Whatsapp group links

hot Aunty Whatsapp group link residents of this place.  This hot Aunty Whatsapp group link  is going to give amount of happiness and to my hot Aunty Whatsapp group link  abode.  Hearing the voice of the Lord, all the apes hot Aunty Whatsapp group link  delighted (and started saying that) The Awadh which Shri Ramji hot Aunty Whatsapp group link  magnified is (surely) blessed.
राहणाb्यांच्या कपड्यांना अडकवून अंध लोकांना भिक्षा मिळते, चोरी करणा blind्या आंधळ्या माणसाचे रक्षण करते आणि त्या बदल्यात त्याला अन्न मिळते. जेव्हा अंध व्यक्तीला खायला घालत होती त्या वृद्ध स्त्रीचा मृत्यू होतो तेव्हा हे समीकरण बदलते. आंधळ्या माणसासाठी आता कुत्राच उरला होता. हे पाहून, रस्त्यावर विक्रेते आंधळ्या माणसाला एक रिबन देतात, असा सल्ला देतात की, आंधळा माणूस कुत्रीला बांधून कुत्राला जेथे भिक्षा व अन्न मिळवू शकेल तेथे मार्गदर्शन करू शकेल. यामुळे अंध मनुष्य आणि कुत्रा यांच्यातील संबंध पूर्णपणे बदलतो. ते यापुढे मित्र राहिले नाहीत. त्याऐवजी, आंधळा माणूस कुत्राला कायमचा त्याच्याबरोबर बांधून घेतलेल्या कृतघ्न मालकाची भूमिका गृहित धरा.
 मैत्री, लोभ, स्वातंत्र्य आणि निष्ठेची ही कहाणी ऐका की कुत्रा आपल्या निर्दय मास्टरवर काय प्रतिक्रिया देते आणि तो स्वातंत्र्यात पळून जाण्यास सक्षम आहे की नाही हे शोधण्यासाठी.
नेत्रहीन व्यक्ति राहगीरों के कपड़ों पर टाँग मारकर भिक्षा प्राप्त करता है, नेत्रहीन व्यक्ति को चोरी करने से बचाता है और बदले में उसे भोजन मिलता है। यह समीकरण तब बदल जाता है जब वृद्ध महिला जो अंधे आदमी को खाना देती थी, मर जाती है। कुत्ता अब अंधे आदमी का एकमात्र सहारा था। यह देखकर, स्ट्रीट वेंडर अंधे आदमी को एक रिबन देते हैं, यह सुझाव देते हुए कि अंधा आदमी कुत्ते को उसके पास बाँधता है और कुत्ते को उसे मार्गदर्शन देता है जहाँ वह भिक्षा और भोजन प्राप्त कर सकता है। यह अंधे आदमी और कुत्ते के बीच के रिश्ते को पूरी तरह से बदल देता है। वे अब दोस्त नहीं रहे। इसके बजाय, अंधा आदमी स्थायी रूप से उसके साथ बंधे कुत्ते के साथ कृतघ्न गुरु की भूमिका मानता है।

 दोस्ती, लालच, स्वतंत्रता और वफादारी की इस कहानी को सुनें कि यह पता लगाने के लिए कि कुत्ते अपने निर्दयी मालिक के प्रति कैसे प्रतिक्रिया करता है और क्या वह स्वतंत्रता से बचने में सक्षम है।